Most Popular Mountain Bike Trails in Each US State and Canadian Province (2018)


Bacon Ridge Natural Area. photo: Gottatrysomething
  1. Patapsco Valley State Park (Avalon Area) (Ellicott City)
  2. Vineyard Trail (Catonsville)
  3. Schaeffer Farms (Germantown)

Phase II of the Bacon Ridge trail system was just completed back in 2016, and the latest reviews indicate it was a rousing success. Plus, who doesn’t love Bacon?


Wells State Park. photo: eastwood
  1. Harold Parker State Forest (Andover)
  2. Village Park/ Abrams Rock (Swansea)
  3. Vietnam Trails (Milford)

Harold Parker took the top spot from Village Park this year, while the (practically ancient) Vietnam trails snuck into third place. Massachussetts mountain bikers also seem to be stoked on the trails at Pearl Hill and Wells State Parks this year.


Maple Hill. photo: monkeyevil
  1. Copper Harbor Trails (Copper Harbor)
  2. Noquemanon Trails Network: South Marquette Trails (Marquette)
  3. Potawatomi trail (Pinckney)

It’s hard to argue with the trinity of Michigan Mountain biking. One new up-and-comer to keep an eye on is Maple Hill outside Kalamazoo.


Lake Rebecca trails. photo: dgw2jr
  1. Cuyuna Lakes (Ironton)
  2. Lebanon Hills (Eagan)
  3. Brewer Park (Duluth)

Elm Creek dropped out of the Minnesota top 3 for 2018, with Brewer Park in Duluth snagging its spot.  (Singletracks contributor John Fisch gives Brewer 5 stars, saying “I don’t give out 5 stars easily, and certainly not east of the Rockies, but this trail is an absolute hoot!”)

Lake Rebecca is a mountain bike trail system to watch, having added new trails in 2016. And Gooseberry Mound Park in Moorhead is another trail system that’s seen an uptick in positive reviews over the past 12 months.


  1. Mt. Zion Bike Trails (Brookhaven)
  2. The Ridgeland Trails (Ridgeland)
  3. Clear Creek (Oxford)


  1. Two Rivers Bike Park (Highlandville)
  2. Swope Park Trail (Kansas City)
  3. Matson Hill (Defiance)


Whitefish Mountain Resort. Photo:
  1. Mt Helena Ridge (Helena)
  2. Line Creek Plateau (Red Lodge)
  3. Big Sky Resort (Big Sky)

Line Creek Plateau moved up one spot in 2018, while the Big Sky Resort makes its first appearance. Another Montana resort whose trails are getting a lot of buzz in 2018 is Whitefish Mountain Resort.


Calvin Crest. photo: cspargen
  1. Maskenthine Lake (Stanton)
  2. Jewel Park (Bellevue)
  3. Calvin Crest (Fremont)

Maskenthine Lake nabbed the top spot from Jewel Park this year, while Calvin Crest, located along the bluffs of the Platte River, makes its first appearance.


Eagle Ridge Loop. photo: G-Ville
  1. Bootleg Canyon (Boulder City)
  2. Badger Pass Loop (Blue Diamond)
  3. Tahoe Rim Trail / Flume Trail (Incline Village)

The Eagle Ridge Loop on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe is also seeing great reviews lately.

New Hampshire

  1. Bear Brook (Allenstown)
  2. Highland Mountain Bike Park (Tilton)
  3. Franklin Falls (Franklin)

New Jersey

Six Mile Run. photo: marcus24
  1. Six Mile Run (Franklin Township)
  2. Ringwood Skylands Manor (Ringwood)
  3. Allamuchy Mt. State Park: Deer Park (Hackettstown)

Ringwood Skylands Manor makes its first appearance among the most popular MTB trails in New Jersey, perhaps on the strength a celebrity endorsement from Seth of Seth’s Bike Hacks.

New Mexico

La Teirra. rider: Chris Sheehan. photo: hazard
  1. South Boundary (164) (Taos)
  2. Angel Fire Resort (Angel Fire)
  3. White Ridge Bike Trails (San Ysidro)

The White Mesa Bike Trails dropped off the New Mexico top 3 list, making way for White Ridge in San Ysidro. Two more up-and-comers to watch in 2018 — Galisteo Basin Preserve and La Tierra — are established systems that are seeing a fresh uptick in positive reviews.

New York

Gurney Lake trails. photo: David Matthews
  1. Lippman Park (Ellenville)
  2. West side overland (Sherman)
  3. Glacier Ridge Preserve (Farmingville)

Looking for a new trail to mountain bike in New York? The Gurney Lake Trails have continued to evolve since opening in 2014, and recent reviewers are stoked on the short, but high-quality, trail system.

North Carolina

Rocky Knob Park. photo: kamoteus
  1. Dupont State Forest (Brevard)
  2. Tsali Recreation Area (Bryson City)
  3. Kerr Scott Trails (Wilkesboro)

Tsali has finally been dethroned from its top spot in the state of North Carolina by Dupont, and honestly it’s been a long time coming. Rocky Knob Park outside of Boone is another MTB trail system that is seeing a recent uptick in positive reviews.

North Dakota

  1. Harmon (Mandan)
  2. Bison Plant (Minot)
  3. Maah Daah Hey (Medora)

For 2018, Bison Plant and the Maah Daah Hey trail swapped places.


Oak Openings. photo: iliketexmex
  1. Vultures Knob (Wooster)
  2. Rays Indoor Mtb Park (Cleveland)
  3. Mohican (Loudonville)

Could it be that the novelty of mountain biking indoors is starting to wear off? Ray’s slips to #2 in Ohio while Vulture’s Knob in Wooster takes the top spot. Oak Openings in Swanton is a new trail system that is getting a lot of recent attention and may be worth exploring this summer.


Lake Ponca trails in 2015. photo: rpemberton0502
  1. Lake Lawtonka Trails (Lawton)
  2. The Trails at St. Crispin’s (Seminole)
  3. Lake Ponca Trails (Ponca City)

Lake Lawtonka and the Trails at St. Crispin’s switched places for 2018 while the Lake Ponca Trails knocked out Turkey Mountain.


Catamount trails. photo: Hap Proctor
  1. Mckenzie River Trail (Eugene)
  2. Alpine Trail (Oakridge)
  3. Sandy Ridge (Sandy)

The Alpine Trail moved up to #2 in Oregon, forcing Sandy Ridge into the #3 spot. Oregon is full of great places to mountain bike, and one relatively new up-and-comer to check out this summer is the Catamount trail in Silverton.


  1. Allegrippis Trails (Huntingdon)
  2. Wissahickon Valley Park (Philadelphia)
  3. Rothrock State Forest (State College)

The Wiss makes its first appearance on the Pennsylvania top 3, perhaps as more riders toward trails closer to home.

Puerto Rico

The Cerro Gordo trail. photo: rarduengo
  1. Monte Brujo (Guayama)
  2. Cerro Gordo Trail (Dorado / Vega Alta)
  3. Tortuguero (Vegabaja)

Read on for most popular trails in the rest of the US, plus Canada.

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