Most Popular Mountain Bike Trails in Each US State and Canadian Province (2018)

The most popular mountain bike trails in each US state and Canadian province, plus up-and-coming trails in select areas.

Rhode Island

  1. Big River (West Greenwich)
  2. Lincoln Woods (Lincoln)
  3. Diamond Hill State Park (Cumberland)

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Lincoln Woods moved up one spot, while Diamond Hill State Park moved down one.

South Carolina

  1. Forks Area Trail System (FATS) (Clarks Hill)
  2. Poinsett State Park (Wedgefield)
  3. Paris Mountain State Park (Greenville)

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Poinsett wrestled the #2 slot away from Paris Mountain State Park in 2018.

South Dakota

Buzzard’s Roost. photo: C Deuter
  1. Centennial Trail (Sturgis)
  2. Buzzard’s Roost (Rapid City)
  3. Prairie Trail, Custer State Park (Custer)

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Buzzard’s Roost swooped in as the second most popular mountain bike trail in South Dakota, taking Custer State Park down a notch and forcing Kiwanis off the list altogether.


Percy Warner trails. photo: commodoremd
  1. White Oak Mtn Biology Trails (Collegedale)
  2. Brush Creek (Ocoee)
  3. Raccoon Mountain Trail Network (Chattanooga)

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The Brush Creek trail system at Tanasi has seen a resurgence in interest of late, perhaps as riders venture beyond Chattanooga-area trails. The Percy Warner trails outside Nashville have received good reviews this year thanks to work being done by the local bike club.


Palo Duro. Yep, this is Texas! photo: RoadWarrior
  1. Palo Duro Canyon (Canyon)
  2. Flat Rock Ranch (Comfort)
  3. North Shore Trail (Grapevine)

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Palo Duro is an established mountain bike trail system that shot from #3 back to #1 over the past year. The North Shore Trail is a new addition to our readers’ list of top trails in Texas, with recent reviewers praising the well-maintained flow found here.


  1. The Whole Enchilada (Moab)
  2. Porcupine Rim (Moab)
  3. Gooseberry Mesa (Hurricane)

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It’s hard to imagine a future where these three don’t dominate the list of the most popular bike trails in Utah. Still, Utah has plenty of other great mountain bike trails, including those in Park City.


  1. Kingdom Trails (East Burke)
  2. Perry Hill (Waterbury)
  3. Green Mountain Trails (Pittsfield)

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A new log skinny at the Mountain Laurel trails in 2017. photo: Bob Norris
  1. Mountain Laurel Trails (Horsepasture)
  2. Fountainhead Regional Park (Fairfax)
  3. Angler’s Ridge (Danville)

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  1. Galbraith Mountain (Bellingham)
  2. Tiger Mountain (Issaquah)
  3. Duthie Hill (Issaquah)

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The Tiger got the best of Duthie Hill in 2018, pouncing on the number 2 slot.

West Virginia

  1. Mountwood (Parkersburg)
  2. Big Bear Lake Trail Center (Bruceton Mills)
  3. North Fork Mountain Trail (Petersburg)

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Hickory Ridge. photo: unknown
  1. Rock Lake (Cable)
  2. Hickory Ridge (Bloomer)
  3. Levis Mounds (Neillsville)

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Levis Mounds has always been a popular trail among Wisconsin mountain bikers, but this is the first time in recent memory the trail has landed in the top 3. Camrock 3 fell just like a rock from the #1 slot, and Alpine Valley failed to show for 2018 as well. Hickory Ridge makes its first appearance, and though the trail system has been around for a while, it seems it is finally being discovered by more riders.


Curt Gowdy State Park. photo: dauw
  1. Wilkins Peak Trails (Green River)
  2. El Alto (Laramie)
  3. Curt Gowdy State Park (Cheyenne)

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Curt Gowdy finally gets its due, ranking #3 among the most popular mountain bike trails in Wyoming for 2018. Getting there was no small feat either, as the Grand Targhee Bike Park held that spot just last year. This just goes to show the high quality of the mountain bike trails in Wyoming!

Canada mountain bike trails


  1. Strathcona Science Park (Edmonton)
  2. Topp Notch (Banff)
  3. Trail 7 / 7H (Teahouse) (Jasper)

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British Columbia

Smith Creek. photo: rockingrocks
  1. Smith Creek (Kelowna/westbank)
  2. Rossland’s Seven Summit Ridge Trail (Rossland)
  3. Cumberland (Comox Valley)

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Cumberland is a new addition to Singletracks readers’ list of the top trails of British Columbia, taking the place of Ellison Park.


Bison Butte. photo: Manitobabob
  1. Brandon Hills (Brandon)
  2. Grand Beach Race Course (Grand Marais)
  3. Bison Butte (Winnipeg)

The relatively new Bison Butte trail system edged out the Lake Minnewasta Recreation Trail for the #3 slot in 2018.

New Brunswick

  1. Velo Edmundston Trail (Edmundston)
  2. The 8200 (Minto)

Nova Scotia

  1. Wentworth (Wentworth)
  2. Fitzpatrick Trail (Scotsburn)
  3. Fight Trail (Halifax)

With few reports from Nova Scotia, there isn’t a lot of data to go on, which allowed the Fitzpatrick Trail to sneak into #2 with just a single 5-star review. Our pick is the Fight Trail which is featured in the video above.


Riders never know what they’ll find in the Don Valley. photo: bighit69
  1. Hydrocut (Kitchener/waterloo)
  2. MTB Kingston (Kingston)
  3. Don Valley (Toronto)

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The Don makes its first appearance among the most popular bike trails in Ontario, as does MTB Kingston, a large scale trail network that is open to members only.

Prince Edward Island

Brookvale. photo: unknown
  1. Brookvale (Brookvale)
  2. Charlottetown Old Landfill Trail (Charlottetown)
  3. Beck Trail (Murray River)

Brookvale and the Charlottetown Old Landfill trails swapped places, while the Beck trail held steady in 2018.


Sentiers de l’Abbaye d’Oka. photo: Filovdelip
  1. Vallee Bras Du Nord Secteur Shannahan (Saint Raymond)
  2. Vallee Bras du Nord Secteur St-Raymond (St-Raymond)
  3. Sentiers de l’Abbaye d’Oka (Oka)

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Sentiers de l’Abbaye d’Oka, a mountain trail system that just opened in 2016, stole the #3 slot from Mont-tremblant, Coupe Quebec Dh&xc.


Easy Money. photo: J-Dogg
  1. Easy Money, Girlfriend, Juicy, Yukon River Tr. (Whitehorse)

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A Singletracks reader finally reviewed a mountain bike trail in Canada’s Yukon Territory! In all seriousness, it’s clear there are some great mountain bike trails to explore around Dawson City, Whitehorse, and Carcross. We can’t wait to hear Singletracks readers’ reports once they get up there to ride!