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Do You Wear Bike-Specific Baggy Shorts for MTB?

Mountain bikers have been known to wear tight lycra shorts, cut off jorts, polyester baggies, khaki work pants, mesh basketball shorts, and just about anything else that's been available.
1 day ago

Joining the Jorts Revolution: A Review of Handup and Ripton & Co. Jorts

Wearing a pair of mountain bike jorts transforms the ride for this reviewer.
1 day ago

Singletracks Best MTB Reads: July

Our best reads of the month include grappling with what's worth buying in this tight bike market, checking out trips and trails in the southern US and the southern hemisphere, and learning about Italian trail development.
1 day ago

These Women-Owned Brands Are Making Fierce Mountain Bike Apparel

Who better recognizes the apparel needs of women mountain bikers better than women? Four looks from four brands.
2 days ago

New Mountain Bike Trails [July 2021]

This month sees some truly impressive mountain bike trail openings, many of which have been years in the making.
2 days ago

3 Takeaways from Olympics MTB and Why XC is the Most Watchable Discipline

XC is still the most spectate-able discipline and the Olympics again proved to be a great international playing ground for mountain biking.
3 days ago

Rapha Trail Hip Pack is Made Tough and Cozy, with 100% Recycled Nylon Fabric [Review]

It's patently clear that there are some mountain bikers behind this new gear from Rapha, and the Trail Hip Pack is a sweet option any time you need to carry more than your pockets can manage.
3 days ago

Quick Question: How do I Fix a Slow Dropper Post or One That Won't Stay Up?

Dropper post problems? Here are a few fixes you can try at home.
4 days ago

Coal Basin Ranch: A Tale of Trails and Transformation

A unique public-private partnership at Coal Basin Ranch in Pitkin County, Colorado leads to new trails and environmental restoration.
4 days ago

Fuel for Life: Blake Hansen [Video]

Some people spend their entire life discovering who they really are, and what they're meant to do. Blake Hansen knew early on.
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