4 hours ago

Niner Updates the Jet 9 RDO Trail Bike Geo, Still Squishing 120mm Rear Travel and a 130mm Fork

Niner has fully revamped the Jet 9 RDO angles to keep up with the aggressively-ridden, shorter-travel trail bike market.
4 hours ago

The Kask Defender Offers Lightweight Full Face Head Protection [Review]

The Kask Defender full face mountain bike helmet is lightweight, well-vented, and pricey.
21 hours ago

Smash All the Trails with These Pedals and Shoes

All those deadlifts over winter were a waste of time if you aren't transferring that power to the bike efficiently. Check out our picks for MTB shoes and pedals to buy this season.
23 hours ago

Kitsbow is Making Mountain Bike Apparel in the USA With Lean Manufacturing [Podcast #289]

Kitsbow utilizes a made-to-order model for many of the items in their cycling clothing line to reduce waste, cut lead times, and support the local economy in Old Fort, NC.
1 day ago

There's a Lot to Say About Recreation and Wildlife in Vail. Mountain Bike Advocates are Caught in the Middle

Recreational trail use around Vail, Colorado has been blamed for declining elk populations. As it turns out, it's not that simple.
2 days ago

Electronic MTB Shifting: Gimmick or Game-Changer?

Electronic shifting adoption remains limited in the mountain bike world, but as prices come down, it's likely to increase.
3 days ago

The Ombraz Leggero Sunglasses Have No Arms [Review]

Ombraz ditches the temples (side-arms) to make for more comfortable, helmet-friendly sunglasses.
3 days ago

Reserve Wheels Announces New 28-Spoke XC Offering With Lifetime Warranty

The new Reserve XC mountain bike wheels weigh less than 1,400g and feature 29mm-wide carbon rims.
4 days ago

9 Wool Mountain Bike Jerseys, Tested for Spring and Summer Riding

Today's wool mountain bike tops are more akin to stylish pajamas, ranging from loose and flowy to more fitted cuts, and everything in between.
4 days ago

Best Deals on Mountain Bike Gloves

Gloves are an inexpensive accessory that can make a big difference in your ride. Check out these discounted and inexpensive pairs we found.
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Hello! New here

on May 14, 2021
Howdy! Just wanted to say hi and i'm new here. I ride a 2020/21 GT Aggressor Pro. New to mountain biking. Hope to find some...
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Armor? Pads? Anyone?

on Nov 23, 2016
Last year I had a bad wreck.  It was not an overly difficult section, but it was high consequence. I was slightly distracted for a...
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Riding in storms?

on May 14, 2021
How concerned are you all about riding in thunderstorms?  It will be mostly wooded at elevations of 6,000 - 7,500 feet.  I plan to start...
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26+ conversion to 27.5

on May 13, 2021
I am considering converting my wife's 26+ bike to 27.5....Trying to get a sense if this is guaranteed to work.   The current set up is...
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Help to identify bottom bracket type

on Feb 24, 2021
I have a Giant XTC SX. It’s quite old, I don’t know the year I got it second hand. I need to figure out the...
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