5 hours ago

Forbidden Bikes Adds a Mixed-Wheel Build for the Druid

The 130mm carbon fiber Druid from Forbidden Bikes has been mixable for some time now, thanks to their Ziggy Link. Now, they will offer the mixed diameter in a stock bike build.
12 hours ago

San Diego Mountain Bike Association Rejoins IMBA 3 Years After Split

Three years ago, the SDMBA split from IMBA. Now, the two organizations have entered into a new affiliate relationship.
14 hours ago

On Trend: Mixed-Wheel is the New 27.5, Unexpected Trail Destinations, and the Aluminum Age of Mountain Biking

Mixed-wheel bikes are becoming commonplace, brands seem to be producing more aluminum frames, and there are some amazing trails popping up in places that haven't ever been thought of as mountain bike destinations.
16 hours ago

Pros Teach Pros to Ride Mountain Bikes Better: ALN Joins MGM on the Trails [Video]

Watch the EWS pros from MGM Alternative critique each other's lines and learn from their advice and ideas.
1 day ago

Do You Stash Bike Tools, or Carry Them on Your Person? [Survey]

To stash or to schlep? That is the question that mountain bikers face.
2 days ago

2 Smallish MTB Hip Packs, Tested: Ion Traze and Osprey Savu

Here are two smallish hip packs that should work well for shorter mountain bike rides, or possibly all day epics, assuming you've made other accommodations for hauling the rest of your gear.
3 days ago

"Have you not seen those woods!?" Leogang Downhill Practice with Eliot Jackson [Video]

Expert field reporter Eliot Jackson walked down the Leogang DH course, observing the world's finest dialing in their lines & learning where Saturday's race could be decided.
3 days ago

Five Mountain Bike Deals for Fathers

We all know dads love a good deal. Hit him big time with these MTB Father's Day deals!
3 days ago

PNW Components Pulls Product from Amazon to Support Bike Shops

Rather than sell via the world's most popular online retailer, Pacific Northwest Components is pulling their mountain bike products from Amazon and putting them in local bike shops.
3 days ago

9 Men's Mountain Bike Shorts Under $100 for Summer 2021

Whether your riding season is short or long, chances are you'll want to have at least a few pairs of baggy mountain bike shorts so you're not doing laundry every other day.
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