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7 hours ago

Experiencing the Greens and Blues of Croatia on a Mountain Bike

7 hours ago

The Top 10 Women's Mountain Bike Skills Camps to Attend in 2017

VIDA MTB Series at Snowmass. Photo Credit: Aspen Snowmass. Get out your calendars ladies; it's time to schedule a mountain bike camp for this summer or fall.  And you're...
7 hours ago

Podcast: Tips for Optimizing Your Mountain Bike Cockpit

7 hours ago

Watch: Smashing Rocks on Dave's Trail - Moab

on May 25, 2015

Video: How to Shift Gears Better on a Mountain Bike: 22 Do's and Don't's

15 hours ago

looking for a good ride in west Colorado

Last reply 3 minutes ago
im going to visit my brother in colorado this summer and he is wanting to do some biking/4x4ing in his new truck. so we where thinking some shuttle trails would be our...
11 minutes ago

Baggies vs. lycra / spandex for mountain biking

Last reply 11 minutes ago
What's your preference: baggie mountain bike shorts or tight lycra/spandex only? I'm a baggies guy with lycra underneath. Admittedly part of the reason I wear baggies is because I think they look better,...
2 weeks ago

Marin Nail Trail 6

Last reply 1 hour ago
Hi everyone. I'm currently riding a 29'er HT that feels a bit big for me and has nary any stand-over clearance. I'm getting tangled up like a pretzel when I need to...
1 week ago

What MTB mistakes have you learned from?

Last reply 2 hours ago
I'd love to soak up some of the collective wisdom here. :) What's a mountain bike mistake you've made that taught ended up teaching you a valuable lesson?
1 day ago

Your favorite bike trails in Minnesota

Last reply 3 hours ago
I lived in Minnesota for a few years in my youth, long before I took up mountain biking.  On more recent trips back, I have taken my bike with me and been...
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Broken cannondales

Last reply 5 hours ago
sommy friend and I are in argument about wether cannondales are good or not, his arguement is that they crack a lot, so I was wondering what your expierences with cannondale road...
on Mar 29, 2017

Cannondale scalpel 29+ build

Last reply 11 hours ago
After a winter on a fat bike i knew i wanted to stay with larger volume tires but my back requires a bike with a shock during the summer , so i...
1 day ago

Watch: Nate Hills' New Favorite: Deer Creek Canyon

on May 26, 2016

"Pisgah Yâ??all!" Marin Mountain Bikers Get Snob-Checked in Appalachia

6 days ago

What is the biggest mountain bike innovation of all time?

Last reply 15 hours ago
Internally among the Singletracks staff, we've debated the answer to this question so I know we'll get a lot of different opinions here as well. What do you consider to be the biggest innovation...
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14 hours ago
Great Day @ San Juan Trail...
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17 hours ago
21 hours ago

These Oregon girls who are Pro-Bro mountainbikers

Last reply 21 hours ago
Wild brah and Wildebrah. Wild, primal, and on the edge of control. We're pro-bro ladies that bike on mountains. Checking the PSI. Working on sending it. Dialed. Beastmoding down the trails near you...
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22 hours ago
5 days ago

Tubeless Question

Last reply 23 hours ago
Looking for a bit of advice: I'll soon be returning home after having been away for two months and my bike has been sitting unused during this time. Right before I left...
3 days ago

How to decide when it's time to replace a bike tire

Last reply 23 hours ago
Clearly this tire is past its prime! How do you determine when a bike tire needs to be replaced?
2 days ago

Watch: 5 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your MTB Brakes

on May 25, 2015

How To Decide How Much Suspension You Need

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