7 hours ago

Mountain Biking and the Environment, Part I [Podcast #279]

Mountain bikers have an opportunity to be known as stewards of the environment and to protect and enhance the places we ride.
9 hours ago

The 140mm Cotic Jeht Full Suspension, Real Steel Full Review

The Cotic Jeht is a steel, full suspension mountain bike with 140mm of rear travel that is more rabbit than rhino.
10 hours ago

Sam Hill and the Nukeproof Giga: Gluttony is Not a Sin [Video]

Check out some tracks in Perth Australia with local rider Sam Hill.
1 day ago

All the Lubes and Greases a Mountain Biker Needs

A selection of the lubes and greases you need to keep your mountain bikes spinning smoothly.
1 day ago

How's Your MTB Fitness Compared to This Time Last Year? [Survey]

Everyone has been forced to make life adjustments big and small over the past year. So where does that leave our mountain bike fitness?
1 day ago

EVOC has a Lighter MTB Backpack with Integrated Back Protection

The new EVOC Trail Pro backpack comes in 10-, 16-, and 26-liter sizes with integrated spine protection.
2 days ago

Big Fat 2021 Winter Fat Bike Apparel Roundup

When the days are short and the temperatures below freezing, it takes a lot of motivation—and gear—to get out for a bike ride. But here’s a little secret: the woods are always warmer than the temperature displayed on your phone.
3 days ago

Environmentally-Friendly Mountain Bike Gloves [Cartoon]

Is it just us, or do mountain bike gloves get real gross, real quick?
3 days ago

3 New Mountain Bike Trails, Including One in UAE [February 2021]

In the northern hemisphere trail construction and grand openings tend to slow down a bit, but we learned about at least three new mountain bike trails that managed to open or expand this month.
3 days ago

Singletracks' Best Mountain Bike Reads [February 2021]

Check out favorite mountain bike reads and features from February including advocacy, trail report, and opinion stories.
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Help to identify bottom bracket type

on Feb 24, 2021
I have a Giant XTC SX. It’s quite old, I don’t know the year I got it second hand. I need to figure out the...
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Kona Coiler drive train 1x hack

on Feb 24, 2021
Hey folks I’m doing a refurb of an old Kona Coiler I have for a friends son to ride and I’m thinking about whether to...
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Spam from singletracks "users"

on Feb 24, 2021
Getting spam from "member" shandi23 Blocked her my end, perhaps she could be given the boot?
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MTB and road crossover shoe

on Feb 17, 2021
I am looking for any recommendations on a clipless shoe that people here are using for both their MTB shoe and their road cycling shoe....
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Raising Kids Who Love to Ride

on Aug 28, 2018
Hello All! I recently wrote a blog titled 5 Tips for Raising Kids that Love to Ride. My wife and I have done our best...
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