9 hours ago

Ride Concepts Vice Mid MTB Shoes Grow Upward for Ankle Protection

The Ride Concepts Vice Mid mountain bike shoe adds ankle protection and was developed with pro rider Andreu Lacondeguy.
19 hours ago

How Does the Canyon Spectral:ON Electric Trail Bike Compare to the Regular Spectral? It's In for Test

The non-electric Canyon Spectral was one of my favorite bikes tested in 2020. Does that same balanced and dialed ride feel come across when a little juice (and weight) is added in? I'm about to find out.
1 day ago

Trickstuff Piccola 2-Piston Brakes: As Lightweight as Heavy Stopping Gets [Review]

Trickstuff Piccola brakes are among the lightest available and offer as much stopping power with two pistons as other brakes offer with four.
1 day ago

Belly Laughs in the Mud on Onza Porcupine RC MTB Tires [Review]

The Onza Porcupine RC offers gravity riders good grip, even in wet conditions.
1 day ago

Five Ten Freeride and Freeride Pro Models Now Incorporate More Recycled Materials

Five Ten and their parent company, Adidas, are working to replace all virgin polyester with recycled materials for their product lineups by 2024. They're kicking off that commitment by using recycled materials in every flat-peddaler's favorites, the Freeride and Freeride Pro shoes.
2 days ago

Alchemy Bikes Updates the Arktos Frame With Various Travel Options and a Mixed-Wheel Build

The latest Alchemy Arktos can be configured with 120, 135, or 150mm of rear travel, and the longer-travel versions are available in mixed-wheel builds.
2 days ago

New POC Kortal Race MIPS Helmet and Devour Sunglasses Offer Broad MTB Protection

POC has some new gear on offer today, with arguably the burliest half-shell helmet and widest sunglasses in the MTB market.
2 days ago

Fasteners: How do Mountain Bike Brands Select the Nuts and Bolts That Hold Everything Together?

Why does one seat post clamp have a 4mm head, and the other a 6mm? We ask the experts all your questions about mountain bike fasteners.
2 days ago

Hunt X-Wide Carbon Gravel Wheels Embrace Abuse and Speed at a Great Price

Carbon gravel bike wheels from Hunt, tested.
2 days ago

Quinn Hanley Rides Sea to Sky in Storm Warning [Video]

Storm Warning, starring Quinn Hanley, showcases the Sea to Sky corridor's variable riding conditions.
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