13 minutes ago

25% off Santa Cruz Bronson 2.1, Droppers under $200, and Hot Deals on MTB Clothing

This week's deals on MTB clothing, tools, components, and complete bikes.
8 hours ago

MTB Tire Insert Mounting Tips: A Bloodshed Minimizing Tutorial

This tubeless mountain bike tire insert mounting tutorial is a culmination of tips from folks who busted their knuckles before us.
8 hours ago

Podcast: Gary Fisher on the Past, Present, and Future of Mountain Biking

Gary Fisher recounts the early days of mountain biking and weighs in on where our sport is headed today.
9 hours ago

Watch: How to Get Your Girlfriend Hooked on Mountain Biking

Be they your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, or someone you just met, this video from Dusty Betty has some great tips to help you get new riders stoked...
1 day ago

Sunday Survey: What is Your Approach to Riding Local MTB Trails in the Rain?

What do you do when your local mountain bike trails are wet?
2 days ago

Review: Vee Rail Escape Trail Tire is High on Grip, Low on Price

The Vee Rail Escape mountain bike tire resembles the shape and pattern of a Maxxis Ardent, but costs quite a bit less. How does it perform?
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on May 7, 2019
Looking for thoughts on ebikes on the trails. A buddy is getting a starter budget mtb ebike soon and I'm curious to see what it...
27 REPLIES | Last reply 6 hours ago

best bike watches?

on Jan 31, 2018
I'm looking into getting a good running/cycling watch. What do you guys use for tracking bike rides/workouts?
21 REPLIES | Last reply 7 hours ago

Jackson Hole mtb park worth the money?

on Jun 23, 2019
I will be stopping through the Teton village during a vacation soon. I noticed that a bike park is located close to where I will...
2 REPLIES | Last reply 20 hours ago

Having a hard time finding the right bike

on Jun 18, 2019
Hi folks. I am brand spankin new to mtb’ing. I have spent the past few weeks shopping and I just can’t find a bike that...
15 REPLIES | Last reply 1 day ago

Is whistler worth it for a rookie?

on Jun 20, 2019
Recently had a chance to ride whistler but I was terrified I wouldn't be good enough to make it down alive, let alone have a...
1 REPLIES | Last reply 2 days ago