3 hours ago

Shifting Gears: Pro MTB Racer Kelli Emmett's Transition to Managing Athletes at Juliana Bicycles

Kelli Emmett was a regular winner on the Super-D scene, which suited her later career shift into the Enduro World Series. Today, she's managing athletes and helping develop product at Juliana Bicycles.
4 hours ago

Quick Question: How Can I Fix a Bent Chainring Trailside?

Remember when we would just use the other chainring to ride home? Fire up your inner Luddite to answer this Quick Question.
4 hours ago

The Red Rider HAF Race is Called 'North America's Toughest MTB Race' and The Stages are Massive

The Red Rider mountain bike stage race starts in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on July 22 and is three days long, with registration only available to expert/Cat 2 racers and above.
21 hours ago

The Cotic Tonic is a Lightweight, Titanium Gravel Bike that Accepts Either Wheel Size

The Cotic Tonic is a lightweight gravel bike with a titanium frame and a carbon fork.
1 day ago

A Growing Movement Aims to Simplify Trail Etiquette Through Old-Fashioned Courtesy

Can trail etiquette be boiled down to just four words?
1 day ago

Core Strength for Mountain Bikers Plus 3 Exercises [Video]

Liz Koch explains how your body's core works on the mountain bike and offers a few exercises to help us improve in this video.
1 day ago

Emil Johansson is Immersed [Video]

Sleep, eat, bike. It's a simple life for Emil Johansson.
1 day ago

9 Things Every Mountain Biking Mama Needs

Maybe it's YOU, maybe it's your partner, or maybe it's your mom, either which way - mothers, and women in general, deserve to feel loved and beautiful this Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all the mountain biking mamas!
1 day ago

Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle - "This and That" [Video]

Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle mix a little BMX with a little bit of mountain biking.
1 day ago

New Grax Chain Lube Promises Reduced Drag and Long Life

Grax will be offered on pre-treated chains, and in a bottle to be used in tandem with a specially-formulated degreaser.
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