20 hours ago

The Winningest Enduro Bikes and Riders Over the Past 4 EWS Seasons

Is there any correlation between EWS winning results and the bikes riders choose, or could the best riders win on any modern long-travel whip? Let's take a peek.
20 hours ago

Light and Motion's Vis 360 Pro Helmet Light and Vya Pro Head and Taillights [Review]

The Light and Motion Vis 360 Pro is a new helmet mounted mountain bike light. We also check out the Vya Pro Smart head and tail lights.
21 hours ago

Crankworx, Whistler, and the Future of Slopestyle, with Darren Kinnaird

In this episode we also talk about the possibility of slopestyle mountain biking becoming an Olympic sport, how freeride is getting more women into riding, and additional Crankworx...
21 hours ago

Watch: In Crossroads, Chris Akrigg Gets Radder Than Anyone on a Gravel Bike

Once again, Chris Akrigg redefines what's possible on a bicycle.
1 day ago

Have You Ever Helped Build or Maintain a Mountain Bike Trail?

Trail building is an important part of mountain biking. After all, if no one built or maintained trails, we wouldn't have many, if any, places to ride.
2 days ago

WTB's New Verdict and Trusty Judge Tires are a Fierce Combo for Your Rowdiest Trails...

The Verdict and Judge mountain bike tires from WTB are doubtlessly robust and grip the trail like teenagers clutch their cellphones.
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2.35 or 2.6" tyres?

on Oct 17, 2019
Hi Everyone I'm looking to swap out my tyres, currently on 2.6" wide specialised slaughter/eliminator which measure 2.4" actual. I like how these feel in...
12 REPLIES | Last reply 6 hours ago

What MTB trend do you want reversed?

on Feb 6, 2019
After riding for 25 years, I've seen quite a few trends come and go.  Heck, my first bike was fully rigid.  Most developments have added...
42 REPLIES | Last reply 15 hours ago

Leasing mtb

on Oct 20, 2019
So, question for all mtbers out there... Would you least a mtb if it was a decent price? Just a question to know whether or...
2 REPLIES | Last reply 17 hours ago

First mountain bike ride horror stories

on Jan 24, 2017
I bet most of us have attempted to introduce friends or even significant others to mountain biking for the first time, though some of those trips...
15 REPLIES | Last reply 3 days ago

Fully Rigid

on Feb 19, 2018
Does anyone here brave it and ride a fully rigid MTB on single track? please tell us a little bit about your bike and your...
27 REPLIES | Last reply 4 days ago