Mountain Bike Reviews

Wondering what mountain bike to buy next? If you’re in the market for your first bike or n+1st bike, research is key! We’re here to help with mountain bike reviews on all the top brands and ride styles including gravel, trail and enduro.

Editor’s Choice: 2023 Mountain Bikes

Trail Mountain Bike Reviews

With so many good full-squish bikes, hardcore hardtails, and short-travel downcountry mountain bikes in the trail bike category, it can be hard to pick just one.

Enduro Mountain Bike Reviews

Check out these reviews on long travel enduro mountain bikes fit for racing or big sends.

Gravel Bike Reviews

For the adventurous gravel rider, we test out gravel bikes on singletrack as well.

Cross Country (XC) Mountain Bike Reviews

Which cross country mountain bike is fastest and lightest?

Electric Mountain Bike Reviews

There are several types of electric mountain bikes, or E-MTBs, for trail or enduro mountain biking. The cost can range from a few thousand dollars upward to $10k or more, so best do your research before investing in a mountain e-bike.