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Over years we’ve conducted rigorous GPS accuracy tests to see how well each unit tracks distances and elevations on a closed course of known distance and elevation above sea level. Read about our test setup and get tips for maximizing GPS accuracy on the trail. The results below show distance accuracy and elevation ranges for popular cycling GPS units. Note: in the table below, a lower elevation range is better.

DeviceDistance errorElevation range
Apple Watch Ultra0.40%0.98
Wahoo Elemnt Bolt v2-0.50%5.3
Coros Vertix 2-0.63%6.55
iPhone 6s, Strava0.67%1.2
iPhone 6s Plus, Endomondo-0.67%12.33
Garmin Forerunner 405CX0.83%32.1
Hammerhead Karoo 2-0.90%9.5
Garmin Forerunner 2351.00%9.9
Garmin Edge 5301.00%2.4
Garmin Fenix22.00%104.3
Lezyne Mini GPS2.00%29.7
Lezyne Super Pro GPS-2%
Bryton Rider 330-3.00%7.23
Giant Dash M2003%4.95
Suunto 5 Peak-3%59
Bryton Rider 15 neo-3.50%17.7

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