Lezyne Super Pro GPS is a Good Choice for Trail Riders [Review]

Most trail riders will be happy with the Lezyne Super Pro GPS, especially given its reasonable price.

I was a bit pessimistic when the Lezyne Super Pro GPS unit showed up at my door. Over the years, a few companies have tried to take on the two giants of the on-bike GPS units and had little to no impact. Lezyne, known for its tools and accessories to enhance your time on and off the bike, has stepped into the proverbial GPS heavy-weight ring with its latest offerings of devices.

Lezyne Super Pro GPS and the Ally+ iphone app
Lezyne Super Pro and Ally + mobile app

I dare not date myself too much, but it wasn’t long ago that I was fixing magnets and wires to my bike for a price that was not much less than what the Lezyne Super Pro cost. For $150, the Super Pro is a big bang for not big bucks and perhaps the perfect GPS unit for mountain bikers tired of digging into their packs to check their phone for ride data. Sure, you don’t get the big fancy color screens of the competitors, but let’s be honest, if you’re riding proper singletrack, there’s little chance you will be looking down at the handlebars.

Lezyne Super Pro app, Ally+

For the Strava obsessed, Lezyne’s GPS Ally+ app links your data straight to your existing Strava account. It also offers real-time KOM and QOM segments if that is your thing. I haven’t attempted live segments for my safety and fragile ego. The Ally+ app works with several other training apps and loads prescribed workouts right to the Super Pro for your convenience. Like more expensive units, the Super Pro allows you to upload GPX and TCX files for route guides.

Perhaps one of the more enjoyable functions is using the Ally+ app to deliver turn-by-turn directions from the app to the Super Pro. For someone who spends a fair amount of time riding new places, directions from the hotel or campsite to the trailhead without stopping one hundred times to check a phone is a huge bonus. The maps work in real-time and can correct the course if you get off track or decide to substitute certain roads or trails. One only needs to open the maps tab in the Ally+ app, and punch in the destination and away you go. The Super Pro will alert you to turns and let you know when you are off course as well. After testing it locally, I’m confident that the app does its best to send riders on safe routes rather than the fastest.

Lezyne Super Pro GPS Battery Life and Accuracy

Battery life on the Super Pro has been great. I have done somewhere in the realm of eight to ten rides without recharging it. Compared to a much more expensive model from a competitor who shall remain nameless (cough, cough), the Super Pro outperforms it by a solid eight to ten rides.

The computer can be oriented either in landscape or portrait position, depending on how you want to see data on the screen. And each data screen can be customized to show what you want.

The GPS accuracy seems to be on point. When set to zero on a known, half-mile track the distances read 0.49 for both test laps. Along with testing at the half-mile track, the Super Pro was showing virtually the same distance as my Strava phone app.

For the tech nerds out there obsessed with data and training the Super Pro pairs with ANT+ and Bluetooth accessories. Power meters, heart-rate monitors, cadence sensors etc. are all compatible with the new Super Pro.

Bottom Line

Honestly, I have little to complain about when it comes to the Lezyne Super Pro, aside from the beeping for text alerts (I turned that off). It may be the perfect GPS unit for the no-frills trail rider. Its size plays well on the handlebars, and the unit, when in the mount, is firmly secured. Smashing around on some rocky and abusive downhill sections did nothing to threaten the security of the Super Pro. In fact, it’s so secure in the mount that a certain reviewer may not have been able to get it off the mount before reading the directions to push down before twisting. I would like to see Lezyne offer a stem cap mount to accommodate trail bikes, perhaps in time.

If you require more data on your screen, you can spend $199 and get the Mega XL model from Lezyne. If you’re someone who jumps back and forth between mountain, road, and gravel and has power meters and heart rate monitors, the Mega XL may be more your speed. However, I think most trail riders will be more than happy with the Super Pro model. With its price, the Super Pro makes a perfect gift for the rider in your life. If you’re like me and have relied on using your phone for a bike computer for the last several years, the Super Pro GPS unit is a significant upgrade.

Party laps

  • Nice Price
  • Compact
  • Accurate
  • Turn-by-turn directions from GPX files and real-time maps

Pros and cons of the Lezyne Super Pro GPS.

Dirt naps

  • No stem cap mounts for mountain bikes (yet)
  • No color screens or maps
  • The beep from text messages harshes the vibe, but you can disable them