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Galbraith Mt. is located In Bellingham, WA. between Lakeway Dr. to the north, Yew St. to the west and Samish Dr. on the south. The most distinguishing feature on the mountain is a tall stand of trees at the top that was left untouched after the most recent logging. The trails up at the top can be accessed either from Whatcom Falls park on the north or Galbraith Lane on the south side. This area is full of single track, double track and dirt roads. It would take many trips to explore them all. Elevation gain is about 800'. An excellent resource is which has some very good maps, photos and route descriptions.
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Trail features
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Q: Traveling to Snohomish in June, might make the drive up to Bellingham to check this out. Any suggestions for bike-rentals nearby? -Chris Renfro

A: Fanatik. It's worth the money to demo a great bike for a Galby ride and these guys are awesome. Enjoy a delicious microbrew from their tap while they setup your bike! Don't forget to buy a map. The money goes directly to the trails.

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Q: Bathroom? -Jeff Barber

A: No bathrooms available at trailhead parking. Nearby Lake Padden has public restrooms.

John Randolph answered on April 28, 2017. Did you find this helpful? Yes | No


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Granny Gear

June 17, 2019
natureday Granny Gear  
Review: Not as many roots as you would expect, but lots of extreme ups.

Granny Gear

October 9, 2018
jahato Granny Gear  
Review: Lots of awesome trails with a wide variety of difficulty and trail types. There are a lot of trails and it can be easy to get lost or take a wrong turn but if you have a map or just look at the maps at the mountain then you should be fine.

Granny Gear

November 21, 2017
The Zod Granny Gear  
Review: I love Galbraith, it's a local mountain and changes constantly due to logging. The wimps have abided but it's a hard place to visit with a map and no local knowledge. It put bikes to the test, if you only rode here and wanted to buy an all around mtn bike you'd want a schizophrenic yeti nomad super light with oodles of travel at 25lbs of weight. This place dials you into traveling anywhere and being technically proficient.

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September 29, 2017
Review: I feel like I almost need to leave two separate reviews. Being from the midwest, I am used to long loops with rolling hills. This was definitely more sustained climbing followed by downhill descents. Day 1 we parked at the north trailhead with intel on what to ride. It was very clear to us on the map where we were going. However, once on the trails, it was horrible. It felt like every 90 seconds there was a trail crossing, and they were rarely marked. We were constantly having to consult trailforks to see where we were, and if we were still on the route we were told to follow. It got to be a slog and no fun. I just want to ride - I want to turn off my thinking for 90 minutes, and then look where I'm at and figure out how to get back. On this day, we found the Bear trails to be relaxing, as I think we may have ridden 10 minutes straight there. I enjoyed the descent on Oriental Express. I actually looked to see if there was somewhere else to go on Day 2 because we were so put off by the lack of markings. However, we decided to go back and park on the south side. We headed off towards the trailhead and saw a "no trespassing sign" and turned back. However, we saw 4 bikers heading our way and asked where to go. They said to follow them, and, of course, the trailhead was past that sign. Ha. Well, we ended up following them for the next 2 hours as the leader knew his way. I know we climbed up Stick, Brick, Stone, & Kaiser with a detour to go down Happy Hour. I'd recommend that route as it avoided the fireroads and made for an enjoyable ascent. At the end we went up Wonderland to begin our big descent. Evolution was the "big deal" here and we rode it a couple times. I rolled it, as I'm definitely more of a XC rider, but it was still fun and challenging in that regard. I know we also rode Unemployment Line and Cheech & Chong, which were all do-able for someone with intermediate-advanced skills from the midwest. Day 2 was oodles more fun and exactly what we had hoped for. The moral is to ride with someone you know or attach yourself to someone who does. Being armed with a paper map & trailforks still wasn't enough for us.

Granny Gear

April 7, 2017
aachrisman Granny Gear  
Review: I really wanted to love this trail, it's toted as the best trail system in the state. I'm clearly in the minority with this opinion, but as someone who loves long flowing XC trails, I was really disappointed: The trails are a tangled network of short, choppy, gnarly lines that lack sustained flow and make navigation incredibly difficult for those less familiar with the area. Every time I find myself finally getting in the groove with some nice flow, the trail abruptly ends. Galbraith seems like it may be better suited for those who enjoy taking steep fire roads up to screaming downhill trails with ample drops and gaps, or those who like heart-pounding brutal technical climbing and shredding gnar. The trail building seems to rely heavily on the elevation without much attention to the finer details that could lend some fun flow to the network of trails, though I'm sure this is by design. I feel Galbraith just doesn't offer the variety I expected from such a well-renound trail system, and wholeheartedly disagree with the commonly held opinion that there's "something for every rider" on this mountain. I learned to ride in an area of the country with far less elevation, which obviously changes the way trails are built, so my idea flow is quite different from those from this area, and I mean no disrespect to the people who put in the hard work to build and maintain these trails; this just isn't my cup of tea. The mountain is privately owned and gets periodically hacked away by loggers, wiping out the beautiful scenery along some of the more XC-centric trails at this site as well; the trails themselves may not be destroyed, but who really wants to ride around dry dirt and sun bleached tree stumps? The community here really rallies around their mountain biking, and these trails in particular which is beautiful, but I just can't seem to drum up my own enthusiasm for riding Galbraith.


August 8, 2016
Fit4Life28 Singletrack  
Review: This place is awesome!! It definitely earns the Washington Number 1 spot. So many options here, long XC, Downhill, freeride... it's amazing. You can ride up nice singletrack to get to the top or just pedal up the fire roads. Great job by the local group that maintains this system.

Granny Gear

May 25, 2016
Jskills Granny Gear  
Review: Great trail system with tons to explore! At one shop we were told to start from the south because the north side had too many 5 way stops. Another shop made it sound like no big deal. No big deal if you have it dialed in. We'll be back to for more reps, further exploration and to gain a better appreciation. All in all this place has some gems, great sections, and tons of variety.

May 11, 2016
Review: Galbraith Offers a huge variety of trails that are well kept and the community here is great. My personal favorite trails are evo, unemployment line, atomic dog, scorpion, cheech and chongs, bobs and sst. lots of fun to be had here

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Granny Gear

April 17, 2016
Review: Great area for single track,well laid out and marked, trail maps on signs (better to buy a water proof one from local bike shop tho). Area seems very well maintained tonnes to do, should keep most levels of rider happy.

Bunny Hop

April 3, 2016
Hardclose Bunny Hop  
Review: Wanted to start at south entrance but lack of parking forced us to start at north entrance, so arrive early for parking. North entrance starts with tons of climbing with little reward, trails not maintained very well, trails choppy lack flow. The area is huge so we may have just taken the wrong trails.

Galbraith Mountain MTB Trail 4.70 out of 5 based on 35 ratings. 35 user reviews.
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