Earn badges when you check in at mountain bike trails.

Click badges below to find out how you can earn each one. Click here to get answers to frequently asked questions.


Frequently asked questions

How do I check in?

Navigate to the trail page on Singletracks when you’re close to the trailhead. Click the “Check in” link, then confirm that you would like to check in.

You can also connect your Strava account to check in automatically each time you log a ride to Strava.

Why can’t I check in at a certain trail?

  • You must be logged into Singletracks.
  • You must be close to one of the trailheads in the Singletracks database for that trail.
  • You may have already checked into this trail recently.
  • We don’t know where you are. Be sure to give Singletracks permission to access your location information in your mobile browser. If you have given permission, your browser may be reporting an incorrect location.