Jeff Barber

Jeff co-founded Singletracks with his wife Leah in 1998 and has been dedicated to sharing the mountain bike information that inspires others to take epic adventures ever since. He started mountain biking in high school and served in the US Air Force before devoting himself full time to Singletracks in 2007.

Though formally educated as an engineer, Jeff began writing stories at an early stage, inspired by his mother who is a longtime accomplished author. He enjoys covering the world of mountain biking from every possible angle, whether it's trails or gear or skills. His goal for every story: that readers learn at least one new thing.

Author snapshot

MTB Background and expertise

  • Riding experience: Trail, XC, and bikepacking.
  • Mountain biking since: 1992
  • Number of products reviewed: ?. I think my first product review for the site was this one for a plastic wallet.
  • Current stable: Canyon Neuron, Orange P7 hardtail, and Scott Fun XC

Education and writing experience

  • Bachelors of Science in Engineering, Duke University
  • Masters of Business Administration, Duke University
  • Other publications: Panther Press (Lakeside High School - Augusta, GA),