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This trail absolutely rocks!!! I rode the entire thing the summer of 2003 in an epic trip that lasted five days. Granted you do not have to ride the entire trail to enjoy the picturesque riding which includes high plateaus, drainages, gullies, washouts, prairie, and plenty of winding single track to connect it all. Throw some absolutely killer climbs and long decents in the mix and whalla!!! Thats the trail in a nutshell. Every aspect of riding in one epic journey. While the trail is not overly technical it is not heavily traveled and the views make up for the lack of extremely technical riding. Do not attempt to ride this trail if it wet. It takes about ten feet for the mud to build up so much that the tires dont roll and the bike becomes about 20 pounds heavier. I rode for five days in the middle of summer and only saw three other riders besides my riding buddies. Take plenty of water, spare tubes (there's lots of cactus), and be prepared for a nice long ride. ENJOY!!!!
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Trail features
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Q: How many bikers do the 100 -Guest

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Q: is there a drinking water source -Guest

A: There are 4 water caches along the Maah Daah Hey trail. You can see where they are on this map: There are also 4 caches along The Duece Trail (southern extension of the Maah Daah Hey trail).

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System Trails (2)
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Maah Daah Hey: Long X to CCC Campground
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Granny Gear

June 17, 2018
Review: Two of us rode from Beicegel creek north to the wilderness then south to elk horn, then back to beicegel in a day. Our route took us north on the main mdh to the wilderness boundary, then we did the loop to bennet cg. From there we (mistakenly) took cottonwood Trail to the mdh. Avoid the cottonwood trail- not maintained, overgrown and generally awful. South of beicegel creek you quickly get into a network of cow trails- this was easily the worst part of the trail. Lame. It was punctuated with cows, cow crap, poor trail bed, ticks and scars from a recent oil pipeline install. It was not pretty, and not flowey.

Some things to watch for-we didn't find the bypass around the wilderness so unexpectedly ended up at the 'no bikes' gate; would have been nice to have some better trail signage. Apparently you have to ride into bennet creek campground for Trail info.

Also- limited water. There was no water in the caches, though we did leave some At Beicegel creek.

I'd skip this trail. Do the deuce- make it into a loop by biking the gravel roads back to Medora.


September 27, 2017
CFM Epic  
Review: Only rode about 20 miles of the trail near Medora but thoroughly enjoyed it. This well built trail winds through the badlands with constant climbs and descents. Signage is great. You will have to negotiate a number of gates along the way and some sections are showing signs of heavy usage. I hope to come back and do more of this trail in the near future.

Granny Gear

April 6, 2017
norsemen Granny Gear  
Review: Amazing scenery and a fairly easy ride that is only hampered by two things, the weather and when you finally get into a flow, having to stop in order to raise the livestock gates every mile or so if you are near bully pulpit.... all in all, would definitely do again.

Granny Gear

February 22, 2017
bully777 Granny Gear  
Review: Great trail - 150 miles of continuous singletrack!


September 25, 2015
mtbark Doubletrack  
Review: We were only in town for a day and wanted to get a ride in so we headed out to the part of MAAH DAAH Hey called the Duece and made a loop out of it. As far as the trail goes I was not overly impressed with it lots of up and down and you usually had to bleed off speed before starting another climb. To me it would be better if they had made the flow of the trail a little smoother and incorporated more of the hills out there. Ridding the flat sections were rather boring. We never ran across anything technical per say on the trail. Some of the climbs are bit steep but short. It was pretty scenic with some really cool rock formations but other then that to me it was just not that spectacular.

Granny Gear

September 24, 2014
lwickstr Granny Gear  
Review: Something for everybody, but due to the climbing, and the fact that sections are very remote, be prepared. It is possible to do a loop on the Duece section. I love the whole trail, however the section between Bully Pulpit and Plumly are my favorite. Riding from Medora up the Buffalo Gap can be a sweet out and back, or you can come back on the road to make a loop. Shuttle's are available and worth the cost. Some parts can be technical, due to exposure, erosion, and or wash outs. Lots of good climbing, with some tight switchbacks. Great fun, and very entertaining

Similar Trail: Home town trail, look me up, lets ride

Granny Gear

July 21, 2014
Review: Rode most of this trail (and bits of a couple others) as part of a Western Spirit tour in early September, 2012. One of our guides had come out a couple weeks prior to ride back and forth on the system and check out some of the new sections and reroutes. They put together a course where we averaged ~25 miles/day and had a blast doing so. Expect lots of repeated elevation changes, livestock encounters, getting lost if you don't watch for the turtles in the distance. As a Clydesdale, the climbs were rough, but the full-sus FSR I brought ate the downhills for breaky. Total exposure -- no trees. Lots of dust. Bring lots of water, have lots of fun!


August 8, 2013
Jason_Kahn Gramcounter  
Review: I did this trail in 2002 and it was awesome! The only time I hit 40 mph on a trail. Great scenery and a real adventure. The only downside is you needed to shuttle everything they had, with few exceptions. Perhaps they have addressed that. Plus you get to see where Teddy R. made history and the only place I've seen wild horses.

Similar Trail: Western Rim in Fruita, CO.

Granny Gear

May 12, 2012
Review: First things first. Finding the North end is not as hard as most of the directions you see. Go South from Watford City on Hwy 85 about 20 miles. When you cross the Little Missouri River going South turn right immedately on South end of bridge. Go 1/2 mile to trail head--road ends--can't miss it. That being said, ride this trail! You will love it, however, it is not Moab or Fruita. It's good but not as good as the above. Trail is a little rough in areas and a little hard to follow in other areas. Watch for the post with the 45 degree cut on the top. I rode the first 8 miles of this trail by myself--Not a great idea. It is remote and rugged. I carry a "SPOT" just in case. Highly recommended on this trail.

* Review edited 5/12/2012


May 10, 2012
stumpyfsr Singletrack  
Review: If you have a mountain bike and wanna ride it off-road, Maah Daah Hey is the perfect place. This is not your everyday fast-rolling singletrack. Northern part is less ridden and you'll need to put double power to roll on that soft soil. Southern half is more compressed and miles going faster.
I rode the whole thing from Bennett Camp to Medora in 4 days. No flats, no breakdowns except for chainsuck due to chain needed lube badly. Scenery is amazing, trail is not technical but challenging because of long climbs and unpredictable weather. If its wet, its not ridable. Wind could be so strong that it's almost impossible to ride. Lots of wildlife to watch.
And navigation is easy from post to post. Some parts of trail was washed out, which is probably normal for this rainy period.
It was physically and mentally tough solo trip for me but memories will last forever. I will ride it again with lighter gear for sure. And thanks Loran and Jennifer from Dakota Cyclery for help and support.
A must ride for everyone

Similar Trail: Nothing similar, but scenery reminds me Fruita a little bit

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