Updated Specialized Epic Hardtail Is Company’s Lightest Frame Ever


Specialized recently updated the iconic Epic hardtail mountain bike, and the new version is the company’s lightest bike frame to date. But wait, does that mean it’s lighter than any of their current road bike frames? Yes. Yes, it does. The bare frame, with no paint or hardware, weighs less than 800g. Adding paint and the …

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Otso Voytek Test Ride Review


The Voytek is a versatile carbon fiber mountain bike from Otso, a new bike brand founded by the crew from Wolf Tooth Components. I took the Voytek on a quick test spin at Interbike, and here’s what I learned. For starters, the Voytek is built around a unique dropout system that allows the bike to run 26 fat, 27.5+, and …

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The Razik Epitome Turns Heads, Empties Wallets

razik_epitome - 2

The all new Razik Epitome is a carbon hardtail mountain bike that utilizes a unique carbon Isotruss framework in place of traditional top, down, and seat tubes. The company claims this not only makes the bike lightweight but also strong. So strong, in fact, that Razik doesn’t even set a recommended rider weight limit for the bike. …

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KTM Scarp Prime Test Ride Review


KTM is an Austrian company best known to most Americans for their motorbikes, but for the past couple years the company has been working to enter the US mountain bike market. John Fisch reviewed one of their bikes, the KTM Myroon Prestige, last fall at Outerbike. Yesterday I got a chance to test the KTM Scarp Prime, …

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Leatt DBX 6.0 Carbon Full Face Helmet Review

leatt_dbx_6_carbon - 2

The Leatt DBX 6.0 Carbon full face mountain bike helmet is NOT messing around. Not only does this helmet pack serious safety features, it packages everything into a sleek, accessible package that’s every bit as refined as it is practical. Safety Safety is not only the #1 reason mountain bikers wear helmets… it’s really the only reason. Leatt …

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The New Salsa Woodsmoke – 29+ vs 27.5+ Heads-Up Test


With a motto like “Adventure By Bike,” I figured it wouldn’t be long before Salsa Cycles launched a fun, plus-sized hardtail. After all, plus is where it’s at when it comes to off-the-beaten-path adventures. A slightly wider tire provides extra traction and float when navigating chunky stuff, without having quite the rolling resistance and weight of …

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