Introducing the First-Ever Full Suspension 29+ Mountain Bike: The Salsa Deadwood Sus

All photos courtesy of Salsa Cycles

Salsa has just launched the first-ever full suspension 29+ mountain bike: the Deadwood Sus. We have postulated before that creating a mountain bike with both rear suspension and 29+ wheels would be extremely difficult, but Salsa has decided to break barriers yet again! (Recall their innovation with fat bikes, including the first production full suspension fat bike.) …

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Niner’s Air 9 RDO Race Hardtail Doesn’t Make Any Compromises – A Long Term Review


Over the past year and a half, Niner has been busy… really busy! They have launched entirely new models and redesigned basically every bike in their line. One of the bikes to get a refresh is their long-standing race hardtail, the Air 9 RDO. Design and Geometry The updated Air 9 is a looker. Niner flattened the …

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9 New Plus Bikes Spotted at Interbike 2016


Plus bikes have been all the rage at Sea Otter and Interbike over the past two cycles, and at this point, pretty much every bike brand has at least one plus bike in their lineup. Still, we managed to spot several new plus rigs on display at Interbike this year. The Orbea Loki is a trail-oriented, hardtail plus …

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Otso Voytek Test Ride Review


The Voytek is a versatile carbon fiber mountain bike from Otso, a new bike brand founded by the crew from Wolf Tooth Components. I took the Voytek on a quick test spin at Interbike, and here’s what I learned. For starters, the Voytek is built around a unique dropout system that allows the bike to run 26 fat, 27.5+, and …

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Revamped Surly Krampus 29+ Test Ride Review


A couple months ago at Saddle Drive, I got the opportunity to check out some of Surly’s recent redesigns for some of their classic bikes, including the Karate Monkey, which I really enjoyed. Here at Interbike, I followed up with the company and tried out the newly-modified Krampus. The Surly Krampus has been around for …

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Salsa Unveils Two New Plus Bikes: The Woodsmoke and the Timberjack

Woodsmoke 29+ XO1 in Warm Red.
All photos courtesy of Salsa Cycles.
Photography by

Salsa Cycles’ annual product launch event, dubbed “Saddle Drive,” is currently taking place at Northstar near Lake Tahoe, California. In conjunction with the event, they’ve released details to the public on their updated product line. While many of the bikes only saw minor tweaks and modifications, Salsa did unveil two new plus-size mountain bikes: the …

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Plus Bike Infographic: Wider Tires Slowly Gaining Traction


Over the past 18 months we’ve seen an explosion of plus bikes hitting the market, so we wondered: “Who is buying these bikes and what are the most popular configurations?” As usual, we uncovered some interesting and surprising insights! Right off the bat we were shocked to find that a lot riders don’t know what “plus” really means …

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