e*thirteen Beefs Up New TRS and LG1 Tires

photo: e*thirteen

Today e*thirteen announced updates to their popular TRS trail tire as well as a dual-ply LG1 version for downhill. Both models share the same aggressive tread pattern of the original TRS tire. Features of the pattern include huge, tall side knobs and shorter, ramped center knobs.

There are subtle tweaks to the tread pattern itself, but the casing sees bigger changes. Among the changes are thicker “Apex” sidewall inserts said to improve stability under braking and cornering, as well as improve puncture resistance. Race models receive an Aramid layer to protect the sidewall. A thicker layer of rubber in the space between the center and side knobs should help reduce the risk of pinch flats.

photo: e*thirteen

e*thirteen continues to offer two options for the rubber compound. Race tires get a slow rebounding, tacky rubber across the center tread and high tack side knobs for the most traction. Plus tires forgo the high tack side knobs for better durability.

The LG1 downhill tire gets the same options as the TRS tire, but with the addition of an extra layer of casing for ultimate durability.

Only one width — 2.35″ — is available and e*thirteen recommends an inner rim width between 24 and 31mm for the best compatibility. Both the TRS and LG1 come in 27.5″ or 29″ diameters, however.

Weights range from 990g to 1094g for the single-ply TRS tires depending on diameter and compound, while the dual-ply LG1 tires weigh between 1119g and 1257g. Plus versions run $59.95 and Race are $69.95.

e*thirteen’s tires can be purchased through their online store.