Bontrager Offers $700 Carbon MTB Wheel Set, Adds New Line and Kovee Wheels

All photos courtesy of Bontrager
All photos courtesy of Bontrager

Bontrager has just announced updates to their wheel offerings with the new Line and Kovee wheels. “Bontrager is unveiling new additions to the Line and Kovee lineup of mountain bike wheels that challenge Keith’s famous adage of ‘Strong, Light, Cheap—Pick Two,'” according to their recent press release. “The new Bontrager Line and Kovee wheels give trail and XC-oriented riders lightweight, durable upgrade options in both carbon fiber and alloy at accessible price points.”


Bontrager notes that all of these wheels come with their new Rapid Drive hubs, which they claim offer “instant engagement and effortless acceleration.” According to the release, the new Rapid Drive is available in two different hubs: 54T with 3 pawls, and 108T with 6 pawls. Technically, these hubs don’t offer “instant engagement” but instead, engagement every 6.66 degrees for the 54T and 3.33 degrees for the nicest 108T hubs. Compare to Industry Nine hubs with 6 pawls, 120T, and 3 degrees of engagement. Despite a little hyperbole, the nicest Rapid Drive 108 hubs promise extremely quick engagement.


The new Line wheels offer modern enduro rim spacing for improved traction and stability, at 29mm internal and 34mm external. The Kovee XC wheels feature 22.5mm internal width. All of the new wheels mentioned here are available in both 27.5″ and 29″ models.

Line Pro 30


  • Carbon
  • Rapid Drive 108 Hub
  • 27.5″: 1539g
  • 29″: 1608g
  • MSRP: $1,200
  • Available: Now

Line Elite 30


  • Alloy
  • Rapid Drive 108 hub
  • 27.5″: 1708g
  • 29″: 1794g
  • MSRP: $600
  • Available: Now

Line Comp 30


  • Alloy
  • Rapid Drive 54 hub
  • Weight not given
  • MSRP: $300
  • Available: July

Kovee Elite 23


  • Carbon
  • Rapid Drive 54 hub
  • 27.5″: 1606g
  • 29″: 1690g
  • MSRP: $700
  • Available: Now