MTB News Mix: Will She Qualify for Red Bull Rampage? Also, New 29+ Tires, Race Face Chester Flat Pedals, and MTBeer

This week's News Mix includes more aggressive 29+ tires from WTB, updated flat pedals by Race Face, pocket-packable PB and J, and news from the inaugural Red Bull qualifying event.
Photo: WTB

MTB News Mix is a weekly update of all things mountain biking where we cover new products, pro race results, trail news, and more.

Casey Brown Invited to Qualify for Red Bull Rampage

This year Red Bull is hosting its first Rampage qualifying event — the Marzocchi Proving Grounds presented by 5.10 — in conjunction with the Black Sage Fest in Bend, OR September 7-8. Casey Brown is among those invited to compete in the Providing Grounds event, and if selected, she would be the first woman to compete in the Red Bull Rampage.

She writes on Instagram, “The chances of me participating at Rampage are low, BUT I did get invited to the Qualifier event so I’m excited for the opportunity to do my best to Qualify. It’s a step in the right direction. Thanks for all the stoke!”

WTB makes the Vigilante in 29×2.8″

A popular aggressive front tire, the Vigilante is now available in a 2.8-inch width for 29ers. WTB wanted to expand available options for the 29+ market, specifically for aggressive designs. With thin casings to save weight on plus tires, WTB made the new Vigilante with two dual-ply casing options.

The Vigilante 2.8 29″ is now available in three different variations: A Tough (casing) with High Grip, a Tough/Fast Rolling, and Light (casing) with High Grip and Slash Guard sidewall protection. Both the Tough tire models are priced at $84 and the Light is $73. They’re available in North America now.

Race Face gives Chester flat pedals tread traction

The composite body Race Face Chester pedals are updated with tread traction – or grooves on the pedal body for increased grip. The body is built on a fully sealed cro-mo axle with serviceable bearings and bushings. It’s available in nine colors now, including hot pink.

All of the pins are replaceable, they weigh 360g a pair, have a two-year warranty, and cost $50.

The Race Face Ride pedal.

Race Face has also introduced the Ride pedal, another nylon composite flat pedal, with molded pins to keep shins intact. The ride pedals have a standard 9/16″ pedal thread, serviceable internals, weigh 330g a pair, and cost $35.

Restrap backpacks are handmade, ready for the rough

English handmade brand Restrap has launched two new backpacks. The Hilltop is an everyday, 28L bag, ready for recovery rides to the cafe.

The Ascent is made for rougher riding. It’s waterproof, has a tape-sealed roll-top construction, lightweight fabrics, and a 25L volume.

All of the bags by Restrap are made by hand, in-house in their Yorkshire shop. The brand is making a deeper dive into bikepacking and adventure riding gear.

Pocket packable PB and J now in more flavors

Split Nutrition, the makers of split nut butter and jam packs now have a few more flavors to choose from: cashew butter and sour cherry, and almond butter and blueberry spread.

Split Nutrition makes a simple and organic product that can compete with other lab-made gels and chews. The snacks are made with as few ingredients as possible and are easy to stuff in a ride pocket. The nut butters are made from real nuts, with no added fillers, salt or oil (specifically without palm oil). The fruit spreads are real fruit with organic cane sugar and pectin. As a snack, they pack a blend of fast-acting carbs from the jelly, and slower digesting fat and protein from the nut butter.

Author’s note: I’ve tried some of the Split Nutrition packs and they’re a great change from the strawberry kiwi energy gels and they make a fantastic fuel.

Black Isle Brewing available at Nevis Range throughout the year

Putting your skills to the test at Fort William? Grab an MTBeer after the ride. Black Isle Brewing is Scotland’s only organic brewery and MTBeer is their newest pale ale, a 3.6ABV beer made for thirst-quenching after hard rides. Black Isle will be available at Nevis Range all year long.