Peter Sagan to Wrap up World Tour Road Racing, Focus on 2024 Olympic MTB Race

Road cycling superstar Peter Sagan will put down the skinny tires for knobbies at the end of this year.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Zip-tie

A peculiar mechanical on a mountain bike trail in a foreign country puts Matt in a precarious position.

Pisgah Trail Getting Sustainability Overhaul with Big Grant Money

Pisgah’s Butter Gap trail is set to receive a major overhaul.

The Reasoning Behind Proportional Chainstays, from Two Brands Who do it Differently

Many MTB brands are now offering size-specific chainstay lengths. We learn about the shift and various ways brands are making different size stays.

The Licensing Effect Helps Explain Binging After Big Rides and Why Diets can be Problematic

The licensing effect helps explain why we eat big after big bike rides. Does that make it OK?

Fizik Terra Artica GTX Winter Bike Shoe Defeats Cold and Snow

The latest Fizik Artica GTX winter bike shoe is made for powering through the elements off road.

New Spot Ryve 115 Steers Harder into Aggressive Trail Category

Spot Bikes gives the Ryve 115 a stiffer frame, suppler suspension, and more aggressive angles.

With One Fully-Functioning Arm, Cody Schafer is Probably Still Faster Than You

A traumatic dirt bike crash took Cody Schafer out of the race and paralyzed his left arm. Thanks to an uncommon surgery and discipline, he’s back on the podium.

Have you Ever Ridden a Tandem Mountain Bike?

I’m not convinced yet that tandem mountain biking is for me and I don’t think my partner is interested either. What about you?

MTB Influencer Learns the Hard Way: ‘Don’t Bust the Crust’

Mountain bike influencer Remy Metailler and the Bureau of Land Management are working together to spread awareness about riding off-trail.

IMBA Awards Ten Trail Accelerator Grants for 2022 Across Country

IMBA recently selected ten communities in the US for 2022 Trail Accelerator grant funding.

The Orogenesis Will be the “Longest MTB Trail in the World” When Complete

The Orogenesis Trail and bikepacking route will stretch 5,000 miles from the U.S./Canada border down to the tip of the Baja peninsula.