Do you Own a Downhill Bike?

Even those who ride downhill regularly may not own a dedicated DH bike as today's enduro bikes are nearly as capable.

Before the craze of enduro bikes, sparked by developments in suspension and geometry which made them more capable than ever while increasing their climbing capability, the shredders, shuttlers, and downhill parkers sought after downhill bikes.

But slowly, many of the downhill bikes we used to see on the trails have faded away–at least anecdotally, and the sport of enduro racing opened up avenues for competitors who could also race on their everyday bike, making them more practical than a DH bike.

Still, DH bikes are far from obsolete and hold advantages over enduro bikes, though it largely depends on where you’re riding.

If you own a DH bike or enduro bike, tell us which one and why in the comments below.