Trail 29: The Trails at the Beach


Ahh – the beach – such a fitting place to end my 29 trail journey. But if visions of balmy breezes, fruity drinks with umbrellas, and bronzed bodies come to mind, I hate to disappoint you. My ride yesterday took place under cloudy skies and 30-degree temperatures in Clayton County, GA, by myself and hundreds …

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Trail 28: The Secret Trail


I can’t tell you where I rode yesterday – it’s a secret. No, it’s not my own secret singletrack stash – plenty of people know about the trails – we’re just not supposed to talk about them. Across the US there are easily hundreds of bike trails that are secret for any number of reasons: …

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Gearing Up for 29 Trails in 29 Days


At this point I’ve ridden 240 miles in just under four weeks and the vast majority of those miles have been on singletrack. The conditions I’ve encountered along the way – ice, snow, mud, rocks, and rain – have been great for putting my gear to the test. Although I’m not ready to share full …

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Trails 20 & 21: RAMBO Mountain Bike Trails


RAMBO is the Roswell Alpharetta Mountain Bike Organization and as far as bike club acronyms go, this is one of my favorites. The club is best known for the trails at Big Creek where there’s miles of singletrack, a short downhill course, and even a new pump track. But RAMBO also builds and maintains the …

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Trail 16: 1996 Olympic MTB Course


On Friday afternoon I drove to Conyers, GA and the Georgia International Horse Park, home of the 1996 Olympic mountain bike course. It’s the only Olympic course on US soil which is pretty exciting, but for those of us who live in the area we sometimes take it for granted. There used to be an …

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