East Coast Girl Goes West: A Mountain Bike Road Trip from Pennsylvania to Colorado

Switchgrass, KS. Photo: inchmile

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be making the trip from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania to Salida, Colorado for a Singletracks Editorial Team Meet-Up. I decided to take a little extra time off and drive out instead of flying. I love road trips, and this would give me an opportunity to stop and see other places along …

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Spring Break Singletrack Trek, The Sequel, Part 5: Price is Right for Mountain Biking

Taking advantage of a "huckortunity" on Shamrock and Roll

On day seven of the Second Annual Ultimate Spring Break Singletrack Adventure, we had to bid adieu to St. George, which may well be my all-time favorite mountain biking destination.  However, that doesn’t mean we were abandoning killer singletrack.  I had heard stories of trails around Price, Utah, which would only be about an hour …

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Off the Beaten Path in Steamboat: Seedhouse Loop, North Routt National Forest

2013-08-10 09.51.02_1024x1365_450x600

During my visit to Steamboat Springs Ski and Bike Kare in a futile attempt to get the Superfly repaired after that fateful ride on Emerald Mountain, I got to chatting with a few of the local guys. One dude named Bryan volunteered to take me on a ride on some of the lesser-known trails located …

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Riding Steamboat’s Crown Jewel: Rabbit Ears Continental Divide Shuttle

Beautiful view from the Mountain View Trail.

The first few shops we visited in Steamboat Springs recommended that we begin by riding Emerald Mountain, and then go from there. After taking their advice and riding Emerald, I was left wanting. And after looking at my newly-purchased map and other informational materials, I was a bit indignant: there was no way Emerald Mountain …

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Spring Break Singletrack Trek, The Sequel, Part 3: Little Ride at Little Creek and Riding the Broken Mesa

Mntbikedude rides a rock bridge on the northwest side of Little Creek Mountain.  Unfortunately, we'd cut our ride shortly hereafter.

Day Three of the Second Annual Spring Break Singletrack Trek would be the one which we chose to ride a trail which would be a repeat, at least for Mntbikedude and I; Miniskibum had yet to experience the wonders of  Little Creek Mountain.  On previous trips to St George, I had multiple runs, one with …

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Spring Break Singletrack Trek, The Sequel, Part 2: Hitting Three Peaks and Going to Church Rocks


After two glorious days riding the San Rafael Swell, we headed further southwest into Zion country.  While the riding was excellent on the swell, it was rather lonely, and we were actually looking forward to a few more people and a city with a few amenities.  I knew there was tons of great riding around …

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Spring Break Singletrack Trek, The Sequel, Part 1: Green River Greenhorns

Riding across Dutchman's Arch

Last year’s Ultimate Spring Break Mountain Bike Vacation was so successful, Miniskibum and I decided this year we’d make like Hollywood and do a sequel. Of course, sequels are never as good as the original and, given the near-perfection of last year’s trip, we had no illusions about being able to recapture the magic. Would …

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