My 2014 Trek Remedy Dumpster Bike Build – Total Cost: $297

How cheap and easily can a modern mountain bike be built for? Lee finds out by piecing together new and old for this dumpster bike build.

Whistler Trail Build: Midgard and MissFire, Start to Finish in Photos

Ever wonder how great mountain bike trails are built? This photo essay shows the evolution of two of Whistler’s newest mountain bike trails, Midgard and MissFire, from flags to finished trail.

Whistler Bike Park 2019 Updates: New Trails and Rejuvenated Terrain

The newest trails and latest changes at the Whistler Mountain Bike Park for 2019.

Mountain Biking the Basque Coast of Northern Spain

Exploring beautiful singletrack mountain bike rides along the Basque coast of northern Spain.

Mountains of Singletrack Part 3: Val de Tena, Biescas, and Panticosa

Riding the enduro-worthy singletrack mountain bike trails in northern Spain. In Part 3, Lee and his group ride in Val de Tena near the towns of Biescas and Panticosa.

Mountains of Singletrack in Spain Part 2: Cotiella, Ainsa, and Zona Zero

Exploring the best trails in the Spanish Pyrenees by bike, Lee and his group ride Cotiella, Ainsa, and Zona Zero, including an EWS stage route.

Mountains of Singletrack in Spain Part 1: Aran and Val Benasque

Exploring the best singletrack mountain bike trails in Aran and Val Benasque in the Spanish Pyrenees.

Ride at Your Own Risk in BC Bike Parks – Liability for Commercial Trail Operations in BC

An analysis of a pivotal lawsuit against Whislter Bike Park, and what it means for those who agree to liability waivers, and those who write them.

Can Mountain Bikers Successfully Sue Land Owners, Land Managers or Trail Builders Due to Injury? It’s Almost impossible, at Least in British Columbia

Are land owners and managers, trail builders, or trail groups liable for mountain bikers’ potential injuries? We look at how this works in British Columbia.

Vanishing Trails Montana, Part 3: Line Creek Plateau and Big Snowy Mountains/Ice Caves

Lee and his crew explore some of the best alpine mountain bike trails Montana has to offer before they’re potentially closed to bikes.

Vanishing Trails Montana, Part 2: Continental Divide Trail and the Lionhead

Exploring the mountain bike trails in the Lionhead area of Montana, where Wilderness advocates are using RWA, WSA, and IRA designations to cut off MTB access to many great trails.

Vanishing Trails Montana, Part 1: Mountain Biking the Bitterroot Valley, Hamilton

The Bitterroot Valley in Montana offers excellent singletrack trails for mountain bikers to explore. Unfortunately, trails in this area have recently closed to bikes, and more are under threat of closure. Lee rides ’em while he can.