Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Kansas City, Missouri. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Hidden Valley bike trail in Kansas City.

Green Hills

With the exception of a short spur that crosses the dam, this trail is entirely singletrack. There are also several service road options for added mileage and less rugged bicycling options. The erratic and hilly landscape of the southern portion of the trail can be a challenge to hikers and bicyclists alike. The newer, northern …

Cemetery Ridge Trail

A reasonably smooth and hilly fire road. No motorized vehicles are allowed. It is open to hikers, and advertised as a “birding trail.”

Lower River Bluffs

This is the lower section of River Bluffs Park – the park that’s not a park as it was never fully developed by the city of Saint Joseph. It is now a MTB playground. This section begins where the Upper River Bluffs trail turns to the old stone park structures from the 1930’s. The trail …

Comeback Trail

This section of trail is the beginning of the River Trail System that extends from the southernmost tip of Sunbridge Hills Conservation Area. It lies within River Bluffs Park. It is the park that’s not a park. It was never fully developed and only two stone structures from the 1930’s remain. The trail starts with …

Upper River Bluffs

Upper River Bluffs is a singletrack mountain bike trail in St. Joseph, Missouri. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Upper River Bluffs bike trail in St. Joseph.

Sunbridge Trail

There are abundant urban legends surround this trail, including a haunted 19th-century graveyard, unmarked Native American burial grounds, a witch buried under a tree, and caves used by devil worshippers. In the past, locals would bring the curious out to the area, but now it is becoming one of the most scenic mountain bike destinations …


Fast and flowy hard pack with plenty of technical rock shelf terrain. Some of the most superb trail building I’ve seen.


Mostly singletrack with a few techy sections dotted with limestone. A few short ups and downs but overall very beginner friendly.