10 Best US Mountain Bike Towns with the Lowest Cost of Living

9. Ogden, Utah

  • COL Index: 86.8
  • Median Home Price: $154,300
  • Population: 87,000; 547,000 metro area
  • Miles of Singletrack: 200+

Ogden, Utah is another town that often hits the lists of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. In 2017, it took spot #13, but other nearby towns like Salt Lake City and Provo ranked even higher. The difference between Ogden and most of the fastest-growing cities in the nation is that with a median home price of $154,300, Ogden remains relatively affordable. And of course, it has rad singletrack.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail above Ogden. Photo: dgw2jr

“Ogden is definitely a phenomenal mountain biking town!” said Nate Foulger of The Bike Shoppe. “There are literally hundreds of miles of rideable singletrack trails near Ogden city. The Bonneville Shoreline trail winds in and out of canyons along the East Bench for over 50 miles from Kaysville through Ogden and Willard, finally ending in Perry. The Skyline Trail has multiple trailheads and climbs to the ridgeline of the mountains connecting Lewis to Ben Lomond to Willard Peak. This amazing trail offers over 30 miles of high elevation singletrack and breathtaking views. Snowbasin is another gem. The mountainside is covered with fast-rolling, shaded singletrack that weaves you through forests of scrub oak, aspen, and pine. These trails also offer plenty of elevation gain leading up to Mount Ogden, the Ogden Overlook, and the Sardine loop. Slightly farther away, but still within Ogden’s reach are the new trails being built at Powder Mountain.”

“Ogden is one of Utah’s best-kept secrets. I couldn’t live anywhere else,” he concludes. #sorrynotsorry we’re letting the secret out, Nate. Ogden is a gem that’s well-deserving of being on this list.

Photo: Rick Bolin via Flickr Creative Commons

For a city in the Rocky Mountains, a COL index of 86.80 is pretty unheard of. Most of the other Rocky Mountain towns on this list post a much higher cost of living. Even nearby towns like Salt Lake can’t compete with Ogden’s low prices. While the housing prices are on the rise, they aren’t changing too rapidly just yet: the median list price in Ogden is $189,900.

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