Five Points

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↑ 4,500 ft
↓ 4,800 ft
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Trail Description
About this trail
Trail is mostly purpose cut singletrack but has a couple of easier sections
that are made up of doubletrack or old reclaimed forest roads that are
quickly turning into doubletrack. Easy, intermediate, and advanced
sections. Good mix of climbs and descents with plenty of area to keep you
busy all day. Almost all the trails are bike only except for the Cloudland
Connector Trail which runs straight through the system on its way up to
added by GoldenGooseSingletrack
Trail Features
Trail features
  • Lift Service
  • Drinking Water
  •   Night Riding
  • Pump Track
  • Restrooms
  • Winter Fat Biking
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Q: If I camp at Cloudland Canyon State Park can I ride the Cloudland Connector trail right into five points? How far is that? Would it be miles of flat fire rd or a fun singletrack? Thanks! -climb_head

A: yes, all single track baby!!!

Scooterj101 answered on October 19, 2019. Did you find this helpful? Yes | No

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Q: Is there a connector trail to Cloudland Canyon SP? -1TrekTed

A: Yes, it connects from the Ascalon Road trailhead to a trailhead in CCSP near the east side camp ground.

commodoremd answered on August 18, 2014. Did you find this helpful? Yes | No


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System Trails (20)
System Trails (20)
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South Hogsback
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Trail Check-ins
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August 31, 2019
Review: I went up here for another taste this morning. Linked it with the CCT, price branch trails and all the way up to the moonshine trails. Incredible day of riding. Saw one other person the whole time. There's more legendary stuff out there in the North GA mountains, but 5 points is pretty epic in its own right. Smiling a big smile the whole time I was here...maybe not on caprock.


April 29, 2019
John Fisch Epic  
Review: There's no way I should be giving this trail 5 stars. It's mostly cross country oriented (I prefer tech) and it's out east (I prefer Western riding). But this trail system is just sooooo good at what it does, I gotta' give it max kudos. The real standout feature of this trail is the fun bang for energy buck. The climbs are gradual and not too long, but somehow they seem to deliver a lot more flowy downhill goodness than they should. I've also never seen a system that makes such excellent use of contours to maintain flow. There's not a lot of tech, but there are a few challenging and fun rock gardens along with some optional air opportunities thanks to some nicely placed trailside rocks.


April 28, 2019
Review: Typically I like my trails to have a little more technical chunky stuff going on but it's hard to argue with the easy going flow of 5 points. Riding up and over the tailing piles was really cool. All of the more difficult rated trails were tough but I could handle everything except for the most extreme rock garden section on caprock. Slickenslide into tailings run starting from 5 points was a particularly speedy section that I had to do a couple of times. Kettle bottom and Foot wall were terrific too. I've been looking for somewhere to do a 6 hr ride and I think I might make the drive from Atlanta to do it here. Anyone with decent conditioning should be able to rack up the mileage without getting exhausted.


November 5, 2018
Jayteekay Gramcounter  
Review: I have a job where I travel alot and I take my bike and hit trails that I'm close too. Ive rode some pretty fun trails but I think non better than this. After I figured out where the parking lots were and I parked in all of them except nickajack, my favorite was parking in Ascalon and on the way to 5 points I hit both hogsback trails and then your in 5 points parking lot. This is Disneyland for Mtn bikers. No major climbs and the downhills are so fast the momentun carries you half way up the adjacent hill. I had a smile on my face the whole time. All diamond trails are crazy fun. I freaking love this place. Georgia has to love mtn bikers because they have created an awesome place for us. 2 enthusiastic thumbs up.


July 22, 2018
Midmoab Trailblazer  
Review: We loved this super flowy set of well maintained trails. There are many miles and we only got to ride about four or five of them. Let me say though that Slipenside is terrific! This is a one mile roller coaster run with awesome pumps, banks, and jump opportunities. The park signs say this is a black diamond but I would say it is just a fast blue. I hope to have a chance to get back here some day!

Granny Gear

December 14, 2017
Review: These are some of the best trails around. So many options of trails to take. I live in the area so message me for good loops and other info. Also check out my fun Strava route : Add in Kettle Bottom for some extra mileage and a great trail

Granny Gear

November 20, 2017
asneed Granny Gear  
Review: A gem! Fast flowing..some climbs but all doable. Well marked and maintained. Rode 5 hours...beautiful scenery..up in mountains...I consider it one of the best trails I've ever hit.


June 27, 2017
LeighS68 Singletrack  
Review: Great trail system. Fast, flows well and well maintained. I will be back again.

Granny Gear

March 19, 2017
joydo Granny Gear  
Review: First time to ride here and very impressed - nothing too hard - aside from finding the trailhead. Fun and flowing - some good climbing. Not sure why some of the reviews say there is no climbing. ( perhaps because I'm a 59 year old ) albeit fit solid intermediate rider . Favorites were Shale Flats and Kettle Bottom, but didn't get to ride everything. Oh well. Next time !


January 17, 2017
climb_head Trailblazer  
Review: These trails are really fun. What they lack in technical challenge they make up for in flow and playfulness. It's clear real Mtn bikers worked really hard to make these trails. There is a short section of technical boulder riding on Cap Rock trail I believe. Other highlights include "foot wall" (come down it from Windshot). Kettle boom I really liked and Bankhead is fun. I didn't bother with a map I just rode everything, some things twice. The area is pretty small and almost all the trails loop back on themselves. It's really hard to get lost. If you try to navigate with a map there are enough intersections to keep you reading more than riding. Just tear it up and ride. The Cloudland Connector Trail passes through the area on its way to Cloudland Canyon State Park which is spectacular and worth a visit. It also makes a great base camp. You can ride from there but based on other reviews here I drove over to 5 points from the park. I gave the area three stars b.c. It is small, not remote and doesn't have any sustained climbing or technical riding but it is still a blast and I caught myself grinning ear to ear on these fun little trails system.

Five Points MTB Trail 4.51 out of 5 based on 41 ratings. 41 user reviews.
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