The BEST Mountain Bike Trails in Missouri


Singletracks members have ranked the best mountain bike trails in Missouri using our unique trail ranking algorithm. The best bike trails are rated by weighing the following ranking factors: average trail rating, number of members who have ridden the MTB trail, and the number of members who want to ride the MTB trail. Disagree with our list of the top mountain bike trails in Missouri? Find and review your favorite Missouri bike trails. Trails marked with a green row are trails you've ridden (must be logged in). Constantly updated.

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RankTrail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
1.Two Rivers Bike ParkHighlandville15.0Intermediate bike trail
2.Swope Park TrailKansas City10.0Advanced bike trail
3.Matson HillDefiance9.0Intermediate bike trail
4.BerrymanSteelville24.0Intermediate bike trail
5.Binder LakeJefferson City14.0Intermediate bike trail
6.Landahl Park ReserveBlue Springs16.0Intermediate bike trail
7.Ozark Trail: Middle Fork LoopPotosi38.0Intermediate bike trail
8.MagrudervilleEdgar Springs8.0Intermediate bike trail
9.GrotpeterBallwin3.0Intermediate bike trail
10.Truman Lake Mountain Bike TrailsWarsaw15.0Intermediate bike trail
11.White River ValleyBranson11.0Intermediate bike trail
12.Chubb TrailSaint Louis14.0Advanced bike trail
13.Forest City TrailSt James10.0Intermediate bike trail
14.Roller CoasterBallwin1.0Intermediate bike trail
15.Spring ValleyOakville4.0Intermediate bike trail
16.Sac River TrailSpringfield8.0Intermediate bike trail
17.Ozark Trail: South TracePotosi19.0Advanced bike trail
18.Matson Hill Loop trailDefiance3.0Intermediate bike trail
19.Klondike ParkDefiance5.0Advanced bike trail
20.Rudledge Bluff OverlookStockton18.0Beginner bike trail
21.Ruth Stockdale/walnut WoodsLiberty12.0Intermediate bike trail
22.Frog Hollow Nature TrailJefferson City4.0Intermediate bike trail
23.Rock Bridge Memorial State ParkColumbia15.0Intermediate bike trail
24.Smithville Lake TrailsSmithville12.0Intermediate bike trail
25.Honey RunCamdenton14.0Intermediate bike trail
26.Creve Couer ParkMaryland Heights5.0Beginner bike trail
27.ZombieWildwood8.0Advanced bike trail
28.Mountain Ridge ConnectorBallwin1.0Intermediate bike trail
29.Bluff TrailOakville1.0Intermediate bike trail
30.Council Bluffs TrailPotosi12.0Intermediate bike trail
31.DeClue TrailWildwood7.0Advanced bike trail
32.Dogwood TrailWildwood3.0Intermediate bike trail
33.Flynt Quarry trailEureka3.0Beginner bike trail
34.Echo Bluff State ParkEminence5.0Intermediate bike trail
35.Oxen Mill trailDefiance2.0Intermediate bike trail
36.Green Rock trailWildwood15.0Advanced bike trail
37.Hayes trailDefiance3.0Advanced bike trail
38.Opossum HollowKnob Noster6.0Intermediate bike trail
39.Greensfelder ParkEureka20.0Intermediate bike trail
40.Ozark Trail: North TracePotosi35.0Intermediate bike trail
41.Thousand HillsKirksville11.0Intermediate bike trail
42.Crowder State Park TrailsTrenton18.0Advanced bike trail
43.Bluffview trailWildwood3.0Intermediate bike trail
44.Lake ViewStockton8.0Beginner bike trail
45.Castlewood State ParkSt. Louis20.0Intermediate bike trail
46.Lions Park TrailRolla4.0Beginner bike trail
47.Lone WolfBallwin2.0Advanced bike trail
48.Eleven Point River TrailWinona30.0-
49.Girl ScoutSt. Joseph4.0Beginner bike trail
50.Mo-PacPleasant Hill7.0Intermediate bike trail
51.Justin's TrailBallwin1.0Intermediate bike trail
52.Eagle Valley trailWildwood4.0Intermediate bike trail
53.Sunbridge TrailSt. Joseph3.0-
54.Cannon trailForrestell6.0Intermediate bike trail
55.Comeback TrailSt. Joseph2.0-
56.Lower River BluffsSt. Joseph1.0-
57.Cemetery Ridge TrailOran4.0-
59.Corby SouthSaint Joseph5.0-
60.Lake Jacomo Trails -Fleming ParkBlue Springs20.0-
61.Overlook TrailWildwood1.0Easiest bike trail
62.Ozark Trail: Courtois SectionSteelville48.0Advanced bike trail
63.Paved Bike TrailFarmington11.0Easiest bike trail
64.Holly Ridge Multi-use TrailDexter8.0Intermediate bike trail
65.Cedar Bluff TrailBallwin2.0Expert bike trail
66.BrownieSt. Joseph1.0-
67.Two Rivers Mountain Bike ParkHighlandville14.0-
68.Green HillsJamesport7.0-
69.Kurtz' Loop trailSt. Charles1.0-
70.Castlewood Loop trailEureka3.0-
71.Deer Run trailWildwood3.0-
72.River Link trailSt. Charles1.0-
73.Slough Loop trailSt. Charles2.0-
74.Cattle Ridge trailSt. Charlse1.0-
75.Prarie Link trailSt. Charles2.0-
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