Riding With Dudes (Or Anyone Faster Than You): A Lady’s Guide to Getting Dropped


Let’s face it. More guys ride than gals. For ladies who love mountain biking, this means you’re gonna ride with guys unless you contort yourself into some kind of masochistic pretzel to avoid it. And why would you? Guys are fun, and they make up almost half of the planet’s population. But for some women, …

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Endura Women’s Singletrack Rain Jacket Review


The Endura Women’s Singletrack jacket is a nylon, fully seam-sealed 2.5-layer waterproof, “breathable fabric” rain jacket with under arm zipped vents, and a hood. I put the “breathable” in quotes because everyone says their rain coat is breathable, and then you end up just as wet from your own internal combustion as you’d be if you just …

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The Guide Life: What You Need to Know Before You Quit the Rat Race

Campfire above Lockhart

I recently wrote in these pages about a delightful supported mountain bike trip with Rim Tours. This wasn’t my first such experience—I’ve done the White Rim, the Maze, Bryce to Zion, the Sawtooths in Idaho, and Copper Canyon in Mexico over the past two decades. Each has been a wonderful adventure in a different beautiful …

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Forest City, CA: A Ghost Town Renaissance


While trying to sell me on the idea of buying a house in Forest City, 62 miles north of Auburn on Highway 49, my friend Ruedy paused and commented to his friends, “She’s got short hair so it’s not a problem.”  Responding to the quizzical look on my face, he explained that the particular house …

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Mammoth Lakes, CA: Home of the Kamikaze Games, and Miles Upon Miles of Sweet Singletrack


“So the thing about riding Mammoth is…” Somehow I knew Gabe Taylor, head of bike park operations at Mammoth Mountain, would comment on the elevation. Was it my gasping and sputtering that made him offer this nicely-packaged, handy excuse for me? The one I was just about to deploy? I don’t know, but I was …

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Riding Like Royalty: Mountain Biking the Rim of the Grand Canyon with Rim Tours


As I pounded my last tent stake, the first plump, squat drop hit me square on the snout. Distant thunder and lightning had played at the edges of our ride in on the Arizona Trail, but I’d been too taken with the scenery to notice. We six guests and two guides scurried around like ants …

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