Most Popular Mountain Bike Trails by US State (2015)


It’s here: the 2015 list of the most popular US mountain bike trails state-by-state! Last year we published a similar list, and since that time we’ve received nearly 10,000 new mountain bike trail ratings and reviews. As a result, 20 states have seen their most popular trail change from 2014 to 2015, as shown in blue on the map above.

Singletracks determines the most popular trails based on the average reviewer rating, the number of reviews, number of Singletracks members who have ridden the trail, and number of Singletracks members who want to ride the trail.

Click the map above for an interactive version or check below to see the full list (last year’s most popular state trail is listed in parenthesis if there was a change.) We can’t wait to see which trails are still on top in 2016… and which new ones make the list!