10 of the Best Fat Biking Trails in the US in 2015

Machine-packing a singletrack fat biking trail at Levis Mound, Wisconsin. Photo: Steve Meurett
Machine-packing a singletrack fat biking trail at Levis Mound, Wisconsin. Photo: Steve Meurett

While some internet trolls might try to make you think otherwise, fat biking isn’t a fad. It’s not even a passing trend. And fat biking growth isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

Every year fat biking opportunities continue to grow and expand all around the globe and especially in the United States, with local mountain bike clubs in cold, wintery locations such as the Midwest, Alaska, and the Northern Rockies leading the charge. While the best places to snow bike near you may not be maintained specifically for fat biking, the number of trails and clubs doing just that continues to blossom.

While the number of fat bike-specific trails continues to grow, high quality trails maintained for fat biking are still relatively few and far between. Here are 10 of the best fat bike trails that we’ve been able to track down in the United States in 2015:

Cache Creek, Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson, Wyoming recently played host to the global fat bike summit, and Cache Creek–one of the stand-out summer mountain bike trails in Jackson–hosted much of the fat biking traffic thanks to its grooming and winter maintenance

CAMBA Trail System, Wisconsin

Photo: Chris Young
Photo: Chris Young

All of the singletrack trails in the extensive CAMBA trail system are open to fat biking during the winter. Some of these trails are packed by snowshoers, and some are machine packed. Fat bike grooming continues to evolve and progress in this area, with the Seeley area offering the best fat bike grooming operation. Click here for up-to-date winter access and grooming information.

Cuyuna Lakes, Minnesota

Cuyuna Lakes is a relatively-new trail system in Northern Minnesota, but the club and the trails have made a big splash by conducting themselves professionally, marketing well, and building great trails quickly. Naturally, they’ve taken to fat biking like all of the other top-tier Midwestern trail systems, complete with grooming and expansive fat bike access.

Grand Targhee Resort, Alta, Wyoming

Photo: Grand Targhee Resort
Photo: Grand Targhee Resort

Grand Targhee was one of the first major ski resorts to adopt fat biking into the fold. Fat bikers currently have access to 9 miles of nordic ski trails at Targhee, as well as 2 miles of fat bike-specific singletrack trails. There are other great fat biking spots in the Teton Valley as well, making this area a true snow riding destination.

Jug Mountain Ranch, McCall, Idaho

Photo: Jug Mountain Ranch Facebook Page
Photo: Heather Thiry, Jug Mountain Ranch

Jug Mountain Ranch in McCall, Idaho is quickly becoming a fat biking hot spot (or cold spot?) thanks to nordic ski trails that are open for fat biking, as well as maintaining fat bike-specific singletrack trails on the ranch. And unlike some cross country ski areas, the biking trails here aren’t an afterthought: Jug Mountain offers over 6 miles of groomed fat bike-specific singletrack and another 8 miles of shared-use nordic trails, for a total of 14 miles open to fat bikes.

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