Salsa Launches 2021 Fat Bike Models

Salsa rolls out updated fat bikes for 2021, covering everything from groomed snow racing to frozen backcountry adventures.
2021 Salsa Beargrease Carbon X01 Eagle.

It’s been a minute since the fat bike craze of the late aughts, and despite operating mostly out of the mountain bike spotlight, brands like Salsa have continued to evolve their offerings. Yes, it’s August; what better time than to launch fresh fat bikes!

Salsa breaks their fat bike lineup into three categories: fat bike race (Beargrease), all-conditions (Mukluk), and adventure (Blackborow). If you haven’t been paying close attention to fat bikes lately, note the both the 2021 Beargrease and Blackborow models ship with 27.5-inch diameter wheels, though all of the models claim to be compatible with various diameter wheels and tires, depending on rim and tire width.

The racy Beargrease frame has stayed essentially the same for 2021, though updated colors and build options will be available. All Beargrease frames are made from carbon fiber and require the use of a 1-by drivetrain. Both 1×12 and 1×11 builds are available, with prices ranging from $2,249 to $5,999.

2021 Salsa Mukluk.

The Salsa Mukluk features updated “Alternator 2.0″ dropouts that allow riders to extend the chainstay length from 432mm up to 439mm to adjust traction and handling based on conditions. Like the Beargrease, the Mukluk now includes sleeved internal cable routing but retains the ability to run either a 1-by or 2-by drivetrain, though none of the builds actually ship with a front derailleur. While the builds are specced with 26×4.6” tires, Salsa notes it’s possible to run 27.5-inch or even 29er wheels. The carbon Mukluk builds top out at $3,699 and there’s even an aluminum model priced at just $1,599.

The Blackborow remains unchanged for 2021.

Get more info on the Salsa website.