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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
#5 topo mapSooke0.8-
$1.87 DH topo mapNorth Cowichan1.9-
13 Steps to Doom topo mapNelson0.4-
19th Hole topo mapSquamish0.8-
1st Step topo mapRoberts Creek0.7-
2% topo mapGolden1.0-
33 1/3 topo mapHalfmoon Bay0.3-
3D topo mapSechelt0.7-
4 Dead Aliens topo mapHornby Island0.9-
42nd Street topo mapComox Valley0.2-
45 topo mapHalfmoon Bay0.5-
454 topo mapGibsons0.4-
46 topo mapPemberton1.2-
49er topo mapNelson2.4-
5 Knuckle Huck topo mapNelson0.2-
50:1 topo mapComox Valley1.3-
55 + topo mapHalfmoon Bay0.6-
719 topo mapNelson0.1-
9 Point Cowbell Trail topo mapNelson0.3-
99 Mile XC Bike topo map100 Mile House0.8-
A Blaze on the Hillside topo mapKamloops1.4-
A Loop topo mapWells2.3-
A river runs through it topo mapWhistler14.0Advanced bike trail
A-Line topo mapWhistler1.2-
A-Side topo mapHalfmoon Bay0.2-
A1 topo mapWelcome Beach0.2-
Abiotic Factor topo mapNelson1.0-
Academy Climb topo mapDeep Cove0.1-
Academy Trail topo mapAnmore1.2-
Access topo mapCampbell River1.3-
Addernach topo mapSechelt0.5-
AKA topo mapWelcome Beach0.1-
Alice Lake Provincial Park topo mapSquamish19.0Advanced bike trail
Altitude topo mapHeffley Creek3.8-
Alvin Come Alive topo mapSalmon Arm0.5-
Amuse Bouche topo mapGibsons0.2-
Amy Fisher topo mapAbbotsford0.7-
Another Roadside Attraction topo mapSquamish0.1-
Antler topo mapNelson1.1-
Applicator topo mapDeep Cove0.3-
Arbutus Trail / Airflow topo mapSooke0.7-
Arduum Guns and Rotors topo mapMission0.7-
Arizona topo mapKamloops1.2-
Arizona, Tower Classic, Naked Pistol, Bighorn Loop, Sidewinder, Lazy Boy topo mapKamloops9.0-
Arm Pump topo mapFernie0.8-
Arrowhead topo mapGolden2.7-
Asian Adonis topo mapDeep Cove0.2-
Astrid topo mapKelowna0.6-
Atlin Mt SuperHero Trail topo mapAtlin52.0-
ATM Machine topo mapCampbell River0.4-
Atomic Speed Goat topo mapNelson0.1-
Autobahn topo mapAbbotsford0.9-
Awesome topo mapPaterson0.8-
Axel Alley topo mapCranbrook0.4-
B Loop topo mapWells0.4-
B Loop Connector topo mapWells0.3-
B&F Creek Trail topo mapLillooet5.1-
B-Side topo mapHalfmoon Bay0.3-
B.A.L.L.S. topo mapHalfmoon Bay0.2-
B.O.T.H. - Mine Connector topo mapKamloops0.1-
B.S. topo mapRossland0.9-
B4 topo mapWelcome Beach0.4-
Babine Mountains Provincial Park topo mapSmithers0.0-
Baby Lips topo mapAbbotsford0.4-
Backdoor topo mapSmithers4.7-
Backdoor Man Trail topo mapNelson0.5-
Backseat Driver topo mapCampbell River1.1-
Bad Karen topo mapPowell River0.2-
Baden Powell Trail (Mount Seymour Section) topo mapDeep Cove2.7-
Baden Powell Trail (Mt Fromme) topo mapNorth Vancouver2.3-
Badger topo mapNelson1.1-
Balmoral Trail topo mapBlind Bay11.0Intermediate bike trail
Balsam Root topo mapKamloops0.2-
Bangers and Mash topo mapKamloops0.9-
Banjoo topo mapSalmon Arm0.3-
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