Coal Basin Ranch

Open 8am to 8pm during summer, 2021. Former coal mine site, donated by the Walton Family.

Limber Pine

Limber Pine is a singletrack trail composed mostly of scree, but never deep. Much of the trail is narrow singletrack, but the upper, northwest mile or so is quite wide. It is part of the North Slope Recreation Area. About a third of the trail is on BLM land and two-thirds is Colorado Springs ownership.  …


If ridden north to south from Elder-Fehn Trail, it is a nice, 1.1 mile, mostly downhill connector to the Catamount Trail (road). It is 100% singletrack with nice dirt – some scree (not deep) and some slightly organic. Speed is moderate but the flow is good. Pretty area and has a couple of good views. …


The Elder-Fehn Trail falls within the Catamount Ranch Open Space owned by Teller County. It is part of a larger network of trails that lay on multiple recreation areas and ownerships, including The North Slope Recreation Area (owned by Colorado Springs), BLM land, and USFS land. Elder-Fehn itself has a lariat configuration and is 4.9 …

Palisade Plunge

Phase 1 opened May 29, 2021. 6,000 feet of descending that connects the top of Grand Mesa to the town of Palisade.