Opinion: 10 Reasons Why You SHOULD Race Your Mountain Bike

Selene Yeager racing the Transylvania Epic. Photo: TSEpic Media Team

Editor’s Note: Dustin Gaddis has raced a slew of endurance MTB events and has helped coordinate races ranging from a local time trial to a national championship, but he isn’t very fast in the grand scheme of things. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his alone and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Singletracks.com. …

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Riding Through Shadows

Familiar trails feel completely different in the dark.

The seasonal changes are all part of the fun of mountain biking, giving us something new to look forward to as we keep the pedals turning. In the Southeast, the summer is blazing hot, but we can ride until about 9pm before darkness takes over the forest.  As fall moves in, the temperatures drop, and …

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Review: Vassago VerHauen 29er

Ready to rock!

Vassago is an Arizona-based company that specializes in 29er hardtail frames.  I have owned their singlespeed Jabberwocky frame for a while now, which is one of two of their less expensive Taiwanese models.  It’s a great frame; I highly recommend it to anyone interested in an affordable steel SS 29er. They also have a line of higher-end …

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On Review: NOX Composites XCR-29 Carbon Rims

The unidirectional carbon finish is nice and subtle.  The decals can be easily removed if you want.

Several years ago carbon fiber scared most mountain bikers, who tended to think carbon was just for road bikes and too light and fragile for beating on it in the woods.  However, advances in design and manufacturing over the last several years have resulted in carbon components that are stronger, stiffer, and more durable than …

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Review: Webscorer App – Race Timing At Your Fingertips, Part 1

Webscorer in-app home page.

I’ve been involved in helping plan, organize, and run various types of mountain bike races for five years now.  I’ve assisted a local bike shop with a small time trial series and helped my local advocacy club host a 13 hour endurance race and a metric century race. We’ve taken several approaches to timing the events.  For …

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