Random Mountain Bike Tips and Tricks

Wanna look like a pro out on the trail? Here are 9 tips and tricks for getting dialed this spring.

Tip #1:Line up the tire label with the valve – makes the valve easier to find.

Centering the valve stem with the tire logo(s) makes it easier to find the valve when you’re in a rush.

Tip #2:Friends don’t let friends ride with kickstands. They’re heavy, and dangerous.

Tip #3:I don’t care how cool you are, how long you’ve been riding, or how easy you’re taking it on your ‘recovery ride’ – wear a helmet, dummy.

Tip #4:QR Lever goes on the disc/non-drive side of the bike. Don’t ask why, it just does.

Quick release levers go on the disc-brake side of the bike. Thru-axle forks will only let you put them on the correct side.

Tip #5:Protect your spare tube – put it in a ziplock bag or an old sock to prevent your multitool from rubbing/poking a hole in the tube.

Tip #6:When photographing your bike, make sure the chain is in the big ring. Itlooks faster.

Proper bike photo. Chain is in the big ring, rim/tire labels are in the proper places.

Tip #7:Gorrila tape. Keep a smallroll in your saddle bag/hydration pack, or wrap some around the frame or seatpost. It has many many uses: keeping a broken spoke from flopping around, booting a slashed tire sidewall, or even taping up a broken finger. Gorilla tape is stronger than duct tape, so don’t substitute.

I keep some gorilla tape wrapped around my seatpost. If you’re clever, you can place it so it’s hidden by the saddle bag’s strap. If you’re lazy/in a hurry like me, just put it anywhere.

Tip #8:Fenders. Get some. They’re cheap, light, easy to install and remove, and work really well. Combined with waterproof shoes or shoe covers, they turn your bike into an all-weather adventure machine. Stay off the trails when they’re wet, but ride paved and gravel roads to your heart’s content in the rain without getting mud in your eyes or spray up your crack.

All set up for a long ride in the rain. Note the improper gear selection for photographing however.

Tip #9:Sunglasses go UNDER your helmet straps, that way you can take your helmet off while wearing the glasses. The roadies will tell you they go outside the straps,but, that’s stupid.

Photo: element22

Which tips and tricks would you add to this list?

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