DIRTWORX Mountain Bike Fest

Event Description
added on June 25, 2018 by CIMBA Toady Granny Gear
This is a "Bike Festival" put on by the USACE, CIMBA, and Shelbyville MTB club. The aim is to bring riders from all different communities together to network and take advantage of the area's bike infrastructure. The area has been, and will continue to expand and improve our trails and features. There are a 2 main areas containing multiple trails for mountain bikes, a TREK DEMO, food, music, and games. This is the first of, a hopefully annual, event. We are looking forward to a good time, and feedback for next years event (if possible).
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Event info
Location Camp Camfield
City Shelbyville / Findlay / Sullivan
Date/Time September 14, 2018 / 5:00PM
Event Type Festival
Club Cental Illinois Mountain Bike Asscoiation (CIMBA)
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