A Singletrack Mind-Rocks, Drops, Berms-Technical Terrain

Event Description
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In this 1-day clinic build more confidence in technical terrain. Emphasis on high speed corners on banked or bermed trails. Learn to improve your skills in managing rocky terrain. Finding your body position for drops and improve your timing for jumps. In addition to the technical skills we will also spend time discussing scouting the line, vision and ways to stay committed to the bike and trail in challenging terrain.

Having a solid base level of fitness and 2 days of riding a week approx. Confident in most terrain but wanting improvement in overall skill to ride through more technical terrain and work on conquering their roadblocks. Ideally someone who has a couple years of experience riding.

9-4, with appropriate breaks.

We will give out Kates Real Food Bars, All Good Sunscreen, a Shirt or Hat and more schwag from our sponsors

*A week prior to event you will receive another email with the fine details with what to expect, what to bring and where exactly to meet.
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Event info
City South Lake Tahoe
Date/Time August 11, 2019 / 9am-4pm
Event Type Clinic
Website asingletrackmind.com
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