A Singletrack Mind -CORNERING AND WHEEL LIFTS MTB skills clinic

Event Description
added on August 3, 2017 by amyASM Gnarly
Learn the skills needed to master cornering and wheel lifts.

1-day skills clinic focusing on the Fundamentals and purpose of cornering and wheel lifts. Plan on looking for reasons to lift the front or rear wheel, where to use it on trail and how it can make you faster, smoother and more confident. With that new speed and confidence you will gain from advancing your wheel lifts technique, your cornering skills will be that much more important. In this clinic we will take a good look at what types of corners there are and how to set up, analyze and rail them. A great opportunity to expand the essential mountain bike techniques you may already be using. This is a solid clinic with focus on the key aspect most people want to learn more about. Come out and Shred.
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City Truckee
Date/Time September 10, 2017 / 9am-4pm
Event Type Clinic
Website asingletrackmind.com
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