Sp'akw'us 50 - XC Marathon & Stage Race

Event Description
added on January 5, 2018 by Elissa Lok Granny Gear
They say you haven't really mountain biked until you've ridden in Squamish, BC.
Located between Vancouver and Whistler BC, it's fair to say that Squamish is Canada's leading mountain bike destination. The passionate local mountain bike community of builders and riders, combined with Squamish's beautiful natural landscape has resulted in a trail network like no other.

After years of top level mountain bike events in Squamish, enter the Sp'akw'us 50 technical XC mountain bike race. This year the event offers a 50 km race, 35 km race, or the opportunity to combine the two for an epic 2-day stage race in The Sp'akw'us Challenge.

Come see what all the fuss is about - and we challenge you to try not to smile the entire race, while cruising, dropping, rolling and grunting through the gorgeous winding technical singletrack that Squamish is famous for.
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Event info
City Squamish
Date/Time June 16, 2018 / 11:00 a.m.
Event Type Race
Website spakwus50.com
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