2019 Arkansas Enduro Series Fayetteville

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added on March 1, 2019 by Alyssa CB Gnarly
Enduro racing combines many aspects of mountain bike disciplines- endurance of cross country, technical features of downhill, and requires adaptability to varying terrain. In a cross country race, riders compete in a group for fastest overall time on a course with terrain most suitable for a hardtail or short travel bike. A downhill race is a solo run on a downhill only trail with extreme rock features and jumps. Enduro racing combines elements of both disciplines to offer a course that is both technically challenging, but also requires pedaling endurance. The timing method is unique as well. Riders are timed primarily on the downhills that offer, diverse segments over several stages throughout the course.
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City Fayetteville
Date/Time June 22, 2019 /
Event Type Race
Website arkansasenduroseries.com
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