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i understand rules are rules, but jail time + community service + fine? sounds a little extreme. also, i'm no...


A south Georgia XC rider's dream come true as you can easily log 40-50 miles on good old "in the...
limetownjack   on Apr 10, 2011
added a review of Marrington Trail

This trail isn't going to blow anyone's mind, but it's still single track in the middle of nowhere. There are...

The trail system covers a very large area and is more than 12 miles (see description). The problem is that...
limetownjack   on Apr 10, 2011
added a review of Santos

Santos is arguably one of the best trail systems on the east coast. Trails are superbly built/maintained and have much...
limetownjack   on Sep 13, 2009
added a review of Alapaha Trail

From what I've been told, the trail was initially constructed by just one guy. That being said, it's pretty impressive....

There are a lot of miles of single track here and everything is well maintained/marked. If you live in southern...
limetownjack   on Sep 8, 2009
added a review of Cadillac

This trail is in the Tom Brown park and is my favorite in Tallahassee. Cadillac can be difficult for beginners...

Value/Price, Reliability

Directions, Trail Descriptions
limetownjack   on Aug 12, 2009
added a review of Redbug

This trail is a lot of fun and it's very well maintained. Difficulty ranges from beginner to intermediate and the...
limetownjack   on Aug 12, 2009
added a review of St. Marks Trail

You can find the single track trail head about twenty feet in front of the bathroom by the parking lot....
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