Evil Drops New Mixed-Wheel Insurgent

Evil has a new version of their playful, long-legged Insurgent enduro mountain bike, and it's available with mixed wheels or as a dedicated 27.5" bike.
Photos: Evil

Along with the likes of a few other new mixed-wheel bikes, Evil has a new version of their playful, long-legged Insurgent, and it’s available with mixed wheels or as a dedicated 27.5″ bike. At 168mm, the Insurgent now has nearly 20mm more rear travel than it used to on the 1st generation.

Evil has been using Super Boost 157 rear wheel spacing for its new models, and the Insurgent isn’t different. Evil says that it allows for better tire clearance (27.5×2.6) and a stiffer rear triangle, since they are using wider pivot hardware. They keep the rear triangle snappy with 430mm chainstays and they keep it quiet with their ‘Sound Mounds,’ a noise-cancelling chainstay protector.

Evil is using a trunnion mount for the rear shock for smoother actuation.

Insurgent MX 29

The Insurgent MX 29 pairs that 168mm of rear travel, operated via the DELTA link, with a 170mm single crown fork. The Insurgent seat tube steepens up with a 76.2° angle in the X-Low position and the HTA on this one is 63.5°. They’ve kept the seat tube lengths fairly short, and the wheelbase is 1,236mm on a medium, with the reach at 460mm.

Insurgent 27.5

The Insurgent 27.5 is for the smaller-wheel die-hards who want a bike park play machine. The 27.5 Insurgent also has 168mm of rear travel, but is made for a 180mm single crown fork, and will work with 180mm+ dual crown forks. The STA on the 27.5 bike is 77.5° in low position, while the HTA is 65.3°. The chainstay grows a little in the X-low position to 432mm, and the wheelbase on the 27.5 is rather lengthy at 1,233-1,235mm, with the reach at 466-473mm, depending on the flip-chip position. Standover is very low at 703mm for the medium.

Both bikes will be available in two different build kits, both of which are listed as sold out at the moment. A SRAM GX build with Industry Nine wheels, a RockShox Zeb Ultimate fork, and Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate shock will sell for $5,999.

A SRAM XO1-equipped Insurgent with Industry Nine wheels, SRAM Eagle XO1 drivetrain, a Zeb Ultimate fork and Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate will sell for $7,600, and SRAM XO1 AXS builds are $8,300.

Now available for purchase at The Pro’s Closet. See more information on the Evil website.