Singletracks Welcomes Greg Heil (Back) as our new Managing Editor

Greg Heil is back at Singletracks, this time as Managing Editor.
Photo: Greg Heil

Singletracks is stoked to officially announce our new Managing Editor, Greg Heil. Long-time readers will remember Greg as our former editor with a zeal for exploring and sharing the best places to ride while absolutely abusing review bikes and equipment. He’s also known for having an opinion or two about the world of mountain biking, and he’s not afraid to share his honest thoughts with readers. And we’re incredibly stoked to have him back.

“It’s wild to think that I’m right back where my career in outdoor media began, and even after 14 years, I find myself more passionate than ever about mountain bike journalism,” Greg told me.

“During my six-year hiatus from Singletracks, I was immersed in the broader world of outdoor media and the outdoor tech industry, and I had the opportunity to write about all sorts of adventure sports: hiking, trail running, gravel biking, mountaineering, snowboarding… and of course, plenty of mountain biking. I learned a crucial lesson through that experience: no publication has managed to speak authentically to passionate mountain bikers unless it’s 100% committed to the sport. Try as they might, non-mountain bikers don’t truly understand what makes us tick. They don’t understand the drive, the addiction. Mountain biking isn’t just a pastime for us—it’s a lifestyle.”

All told, Greg has already written more than 1,100 articles on Singletracks and chances are, you’ve read and enjoyed more than a few of them. Some of his more recent Singletracks articles have covered mountain bike tourism, up and coming IMBA trail projects, and an early ride report from the Moab Raptor Route.

A reader once accused Greg of having “some kind of Louis and Clark complex,” and that’s really all you need to know about him as a mountain bike journalist. He’s constantly on the move, seeking out new trails and fresh ideas, and reporting what he finds.

“Since its inception in 1999 by Jeff and Leah Barber, Singletracks has been built and written by mountain bikers, for mountain bikers. Jeff and Leah still own and run the site today, and their passion and dedication have never wavered. By rejoining the team I’m excited to again speak to the passionate core of the mountain biking community, while at the same time welcoming those new to the sport with open arms.”

“This is just the beginning—let’s fucking go!!”