The All-New Evil Wreckoning Looks Dangerously Fast

Evil gives the long-travel 29er Wreckoning mountain bike a major update, with more travel.

Evil has a new version of the long-travel Wreckoning, and the frame design matches the luscious and forbidden looks of the Following, released just four months ago. The new Wreckoning has been given a few more millimeters of travel, but still carries 29-inch wheels, and has a major geometry refresh.

First launched in 2016, the Wreckoning was given an update in 2018 and dubbed the Wreckoning LB (Little Better’er), although it wasn’t a major overhaul. Two years later, we have the 2021 Wreckoning, providing Evil’s latest take on the long-travel enduro game.

The new Wreckoning has 166mm of rear travel, and can be matched with either a 160 or 170mm fork — or a 190mm fork for those who are using it for something beyond enduro racing.

With a 170mm fork, in its extra-low setting, the Wreckoning has a 64.6° head tube angle, a 76.5° seat tube angle, and 432mm chainstays. A medium-sized frame has 462mm of reach, a standover height of 719mm, and a 1218mm long wheelbase. The Wreckoning uses a reduced offset fork.

Dave Weagle also tuned up the DELTA (Dave’s Extra Legitimate Travel Apparatus) suspension, and injected a little more pop into the beast, says Evil. The leverage curve on the new Wreckoning starts with suppleness in the top stroke that decreases in the mid-stroke for support and falls again toward the end stroke. Evil also uses trunnion mounts for the shock.

Some riders won’t be happy to hear it, but Evil gave the Wreckoning Super Boost 157 rear axle spacing, allowing for short-short 430/432mm chainstays on the big 29er.

Evil didn’t forget that the devil is in the details. The Wreckoning has fully internal cable routing, and an integrated chain guide, with rubberized, sound-damping chainstay protectors. Evil calls them Sound Mounds.

If you didn’t snag one up already, you might have to wait until Evil refreshes their stock, or see what a local or online Evil retailer has. Availability on all sizes on the Evil website are all marked as sold out.

The MSRP on the frameset is $3,300. See the Evil Bikes website for more details.