Mountain bike gear and equipment.

The Banshee Prime is a 135mm Trail Bike that Rides Much Bigger Than It Is

The Banshee Prime is a 135mm travel 29er that rides bigger than it is thanks to its progression geometry and KS2 suspension design.

The Wildhorn Corvair MTB Helmet Offers Style and Function in an Affordable Package [Review]

The Wildhorn Corvair half shell mountain bike helmet offers style and function in an affordable package.

12 MTB Shorts on Sale for Less Than $60

End of the season sales? Ok, we’ll bite.

Transition Patrol Drops Weight, Mongoose x Vans Collab, Dynaplug Stash Tool, and a Fork Designed for Adventure

The Transition Patrol gets a carbon option, Nukeproof brings back their DJ bike, Bontrager releases their lightest MTB wheels yet, plus more new gear.

Affordable Tires, Aftermarket Suspension Links, and Technical Trail Tools at Crankworx Whistler 2022

We take a second lap at Crankworx Whistler to see what else is new and exciting in the village, including new packable trail tools, affordable MTB tires, and more.

3D Printing, Flat Top Tubes, and Hidden Motors: The Bikes of Crankworx Whistler 2022

We checked out some of the new bikes on show at Crankworx: some electric, some prototype, some carbon, and some 3D-printed.

Go Further with a Polar Bottle Breakaway® Insulated Muck Bottle

Whether you’re into riding on dirt or road, Polar Bottle’s innovative bike bottles give you the freedom to go further.

The Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Men and Women, 2022

Singletracks has tested nearly 100 pairs of mountain bike shorts, and these are the best we’ve found so far.

Why the Humble Hardtail isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

We check in with Pat and Doug from Kona to learn how hardtail mountain bikes are specced, and what makes for a ‘hardcore hardtail.’

Do You Ride Gravel?

Given the choice between riding on a paved road or on gravel, we’ll take the gravel every time. Yet there are only so many hours in the day, and the singletrack siren calls.

Flash or Function? The Kuat Piston Pro X Hitch Rack has Both [Review]

The Kuat Piston Pro X is a premium, no-touch bike rack that looks good, is feature-rich, and is well constructed. Not surprisingly, it’s also pricey.

RockShox Uses Rubber Pucks to Reduce Trail Chatter and ‘Look’ at these New Flat Pedals [Crankworx 2022]

Some of the most interesting MTB gear and tech from Crankworx Whistler, 2022. New bikes, suspension tech, clothing, pedals, and more.

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