Cascade Components Adds New Suspension Links for the Evil Insurgent LB and Stumpjumper EVO

We recently spent some time on the new Stumpjumper EVO, and we were surprised to see an aftermarket link for the bike so quickly.
Photos: Cascade Components

The folks at Cascade Components are churning out links that increase progressivity and travel numbers for all sorts of cool bikes, and today they have added aftermarket links for the Evil Insurgent LB and Specialized Stumpjumper EVO to the lineup

The Evil Insurgent LB is a 151mm bike with 27.5″ wheels that can be paired with a 150-170m fork. The new link extends the rear travel slightly, up to 155mm, and brings the already somewhat high 21% progression up to a whopping 33%. Folks who weren’t already running a coil shock can definitely do so with this new link. That added progressivity means riders can run their shock nice and supple for a fluid initial stroke while maintaining ample bottom-out protection at the other end.

The Insurgent LB link comes in silver, black, or orange for $249 or €286.

The recently released Stumpjumper EVO has already received rave reviews. We recently spent some time on the new 29er, and we were surprised to see an aftermarket link for the bike so quickly. This link bumps the frame’s rear travel up to 158mm while increasing progression from 19% to 26%. Cascade Components claims that the EVO link “bottom out resistance is increased, which will help those who are pinning it and going big. Mid-stroke support is also increased, which can help with composure in corners, G-outs, and poppier lips. We have found this makes it easier to attain a suspension setup that doesn’t blow through its travel while also having excellent small bump sensitivity. No over-springing or excessive damping necessary.”

Stumpjumper EVO links retail for $235 or €270 in the same colors as the Insurgent link.

Both links are CNC machined in the USA, and include Enduro MAX bearings that are pressed and ready to spin.

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