New Evil Offering Suspension Link from Cascade Components Bumps Progressivity to 35%, adds 5mm of Travel

This most recent aftermarket link from Cascade Components is designed for Evil's The Offering trail bike.

Given their pacific Northwest loamcation, Cascade Components continues to turn out new suspension links for bike companies that are based nearby. This most recent link is designed for The Offering, from Bellingham’s Evil Bikes.

The Offering link is said to boost the frame’s leverage curve from 23% to 35% while adding 5mm of rear wheel travel. Cascade Components says that the stock link has a linear leverage curve through the mid-stroke, and they wanted to add support to the belly of that curve as well as the final few millimeters of bottom-out resistance. According to Cascade, the resulting progression will allow riders to push harder and pop off more features while maintaining sensitive small bump absorption.

As with all of their designs, Cascade claims that their Offering link doesn’t change the bike’s climbing characteristics whatsoever, so customers can have all of that extra goodness with no penalty.

The CNC’d alloy Offering link comes in silver, black and orange, and retails for $249.