Bump the Kona Process 153 to 160mm With a new Rocker Link from Cascade Components

Cascade components makes links for a variety of bikes from Santa Cruz, Kona, Yeti, Transition, Specialized, and Trek. The latest increases travel on the Kona Process 153.
Photos courtesy of Cascade Components

If you’ve ever wished your sweet descender was a little more progressive, or had a touch more travel, you may be in luck. Cascade Components, based in Everett, Washington, makes links for a variety of bikes from Santa Cruz, Yeti, Transition, Specialized, Trek, and now the Kona Process 153.

The new Process 153 link boosts the bike’s rear axle path to 160mm for a little added plush out back, and increases the rear suspension progression to 24% from the stock 11%. The added end-stroke resistance should provide better bottom-out support, which is a boon for folks who run coil shocks. Cascade Components says that their rocker link also increases midstroke support on the Process while allowing you to fine tune the shock for ultimate small bump absorption.

The graph above demonstrates the change in leverage ratio between the custom and stock links.

The Everett engineers say their custom link does not affect the bike’s climbing performance whatsoever. Oh, and the increased size of the shock pivot bearings is said to extend the service interval.

Sound too good to be true? Well, at $352 it’s certainly too good to be free. The Process 153 Link comes in shiny-alloy, orange, or black and it’s available on their website.

For more info, or to purchase a custom link for your bike, head over to the Cascade Components site.