Cascade Components Drops Links for the Santa Cruz Heckler and Transition Sentinel V2

More progressive suspension, longer travel, and extended chainstays. Cascade Components links make it a new bike.

The folks at Cascade Components are pushing forward with their leverage ratio alterations, so more folks can customize the feel of their rear suspension. The latest links include their first offering for an e-bike with the Heckler link, and a more progressive rocker for the V2 Transition Sentinel.

Santa Cruz Heckler link

The Santa Cruz Heckler link will provide some significant adjustments to the popular e-bike platform. Like all Cascade Components links this one increases the bike’s leverage ratio, and the Heckler goes from an original 27% up to 35%. The links also add 5mm of chainstay length and increase travel by 8mm for a total of 158mm on the 27.5″ Heckler and 148mm on the Heckler MX. The Heckler link is available for $331.

Transition Sentinel V2 link

The rough-trail lovin’ Transition Sentinel V2 received a smaller increase in progressivity throughout its travel, up to 30% from 24%. The link is said to play well with air or coil-sprung shocks. The bike can also have a significant travel boost with this link providing 165 mm of travel with a 205×62.5 shock and 155 mm with a 205×57.5 shock. The $337 V2 Sentinel links are designed for frames from the 2020 model year forward.

Head over to Cascade Components for more info.