The BEST Mountain Bike Trails in Montana


Singletracks members have ranked the best mountain bike trails in Montana using our unique trail ranking algorithm. The best bike trails are rated by weighing the following ranking factors: average trail rating, number of members who have ridden the MTB trail, and the number of members who want to ride the MTB trail. Disagree with our list of the top mountain bike trails in Montana? Find and review your favorite Montana bike trails. Trails marked with a green row are trails you've ridden (must be logged in). Constantly updated.

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RankTrail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
1.Mt Helena RidgeHelena11.0Intermediate bike trail
2.Big Sky ResortBig Sky60.0Advanced bike trail
3.Line Creek PlateauRed Lodge16.0Advanced bike trail
4.Bangtail DivideBozeman24.0Intermediate bike trail
5.Grassy Mountain LoopBozeman16.0Intermediate bike trail
6.Toll CanyonButte9.0Intermediate bike trail
7.Rodney RidgeHelena3.0Intermediate bike trail
8.Beaver PondsButte6.0Intermediate bike trail
9.BeardanceBigfork15.0Advanced bike trail
10.Mt HelenaHelena18.0Intermediate bike trail
11.Emerald LakeBozeman10.0Intermediate bike trail
12.Chief Joseph Pass Area TrailsWisdom80.0-
13.Woods GulchMissoula6.0Intermediate bike trail
14.Homestake To Pipestone PassButte20.0Beginner bike trail
15.Emmet'sHelena2.0Intermediate bike trail
16.Little MoabHelena1.0Intermediate bike trail
17.Runaway Train Trail #815Whitefish3.0Advanced bike trail
18.Warm Springs Trail SystemSula47.0Advanced bike trail
19.Bill Creek / Trail 800Whitefish10.0Advanced bike trail
20.Big Snowy Mountains LoopLewistown12.0Advanced bike trail
21.Mile Creek TrailWest Yellowstone7.0Advanced bike trail
22.South CottonwoodBozeman12.0Intermediate bike trail
23.Chestnut MountainBozeman15.0Advanced bike trail
24.North ShoreGreat Falls5.0Advanced bike trail
25.Little Blackfoot Meadows LoopElliston/helena15.0Intermediate bike trail
26.Clark Fork River Trail #223St Regis9.0Intermediate bike trail
27.Ravine TrailMissoula6.0Intermediate bike trail
28.Mt AscensionHelena6.0Advanced bike trail
29.RattlesnakeMissoula50.0Intermediate bike trail
30.Spencer MountainWhitefish5.0Advanced bike trail
31.Grizzly LoopBig Sky10.0Advanced bike trail
32.Power Grid/Blitzkrieg/Mystical Rock FallsGreat Falls7.0Advanced bike trail
33.Bender CreekMonarch9.0Advanced bike trail
34.New Video Game/Yeah KidGreat Falls9.0Advanced bike trail
35.Ramshorn LakeBig Sky15.0Advanced bike trail
36.MacDonald PassHelena7.0Advanced bike trail
37.Eunice, Lake, Park, Goldstone, CDT LoopJackson, MT24.0Advanced bike trail
38.Mountain to MeadowBig Sky5.0Intermediate bike trail
39.Pail RiderHelena1.0Intermediate bike trail
40.Stevenson To May Creek LoopWisdom20.0Advanced bike trail
41.Warm Springs RidgeSula17.0Advanced bike trail
42.Alpine Trail #7Bigfork55.0Advanced bike trail
43.RevengeBig Sky1.0Expert bike trail
44.Soul HoleBig Sky2.0Advanced bike trail
45.Joker LipsBig sky2.0Advanced bike trail
46.Snake CharmerBig Sky2.0Intermediate bike trail
47.Blue MountainMissoula0.0Intermediate bike trail
48.Pilgrim CreekGreat Falls38.0Advanced bike trail
49.Sheep MountainMissoula25.0Advanced bike trail
50.Lewis And Clark Caverns State ParkButte 9.0Advanced bike trail
51.Muskrat CreekBoulder14.0-
52.Wolf Creek Trail/Echo Broken Leg #544Bigfork12.0Expert bike trail
53.Lost Cabin LakeWhitehall9.0Intermediate bike trail
54.Reid Divide/trail #800 To Trail #801Whitefish20.0Advanced bike trail
55.Pig FarmWhitefish30.0Intermediate bike trail
56.Windy Mountain LoopGreat Falls11.0Advanced bike trail
57.Pattee CanyonMissoula30.0Intermediate bike trail
58.Sheep Creek TrailWest Yellowstone10.0Advanced bike trail
59.Silver And Basin Lakes TrailRed Lodge14.0Advanced bike trail
60.EntertainmentHelena2.0Intermediate bike trail
61.South Shore Trail SystemGreat Falls18.0Intermediate bike trail
62.South Hills Trail SystemHelena75.0Advanced bike trail
63.Whitefish Mountain ResortWhitefish30.0Intermediate bike trail
64.Ousel FallsBozeman2.0-
65.River's EdgeGreat Falls3.0Advanced bike trail
66.Buck RidgeBig Sky16.0Beginner bike trail
67.Finger Lake Trail #802Whitefish2.0-
68.Highwood RidgeGreat Falls8.0Intermediate bike trail
69.Lick CreekBozeman9.0Beginner bike trail
70.Storm Castle CreekGallatin Gateway5.0-
71.Curly Lake HighlineWhitehall25.0Advanced bike trail
72.Garnett MountainBozeman6.0Intermediate bike trail
73.Truman GulchBozeman7.0Advanced bike trail
74.Switchback/trail# 725Bigfork8.0Intermediate bike trail
75.Strawberry LakeBigfork10.0Intermediate bike trail
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