It’s the middle of March, and cabin fever is afflicting mountain bikers all across the United States. Thankfully, if you want to escape the vice-like grip of snow and cold temperatures, there are plenty of places to catch some rays and roll on dry dirt.

Here are 13 fantastic choices for a spring mountain bike getaway:

1. Ocala, Florida

Average temps:  March: high of 79, low of 52. April: high of 84, low of 56.

Marquee ride: Santos.

Photo: jbond352

Ocala, aka the home of Santos, is the perfect place for a spring break mountain bike trip. There are enough trails at Santos to keep you entertained for days on end! And whether your prefer cross country or freeride, there’s something for everyone. Also, since you’re in Florida soaking in the sunshine, if you want to add in some classic spring break time on the beach, that’s not far away, either.

While the annual Santos Fat Tire Festival has already passed, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to plan a trip to Florida!

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  • delphinide

    That is a great list. I would add that Dahlonega is close enough to Ellijay to make it a great destination as well, plus there is awesome road riding if you want to mix it up with a lady friend who may not appreciate the soil as much as you.

  • k2rider

    Greg, Greg, Greg….I’m not sure if this is a “list of 10 places to go” or if you are actually “rating” them in order of where you think is best. I’ll assume it’s just a list because there is NO WAY, under any circumstances that San Diego should ever be rated above Hurricane, Moab, Sedona or any of the west coast cities on that list when you’re talking specifically about the MTB riding. We do have the ocean, Sea World and a world class zoo which are definite bonuses.

    That being said, seeing Mission Trails listed as the marquee ride is so ridiculous. it’s almost comical. It is probably THE WORST trails system we have IMO. The marquee ride by far is Nobel Canyon which is actually an IMBA Epic. Aside form that, there is Big Laguna, Cuyamaca and even the “local” areas of Daley Ranch and Calavera offer better riding than Mission Trails.

    • Greg Heil

      Hi k2rider, thanks for the tip on Nobel Canyon, I switched that in for the marquee ride in San Diego.

      Also, I highly recommend that you review the local trails that you’ve ridden, as well as trails you’ve checked out elsewhere, so that your opinion can be factored in to the trail ratings here on Singletracks!

      Happy trails!

  • k2rider

    OK Greg, I’ll try but I don’t write very elegantly…like yourself. By the way, I didn’t mean to come across so flippant and was actually just being a smart ass 🙂 Overall a great article as usual. Love the website, I check it out daily. Keep up the great work. Once I “retire” in December, I’ll be looking for new places to ride. Maybe I’ll follow you around…but I’ll stay in a hotel.

    • Greg Heil

      All trail reviews are welcome… we love it when people utilize the trail database!

      Thanks for being a part of Singletracks! I look forward to hearing about your adventures once you retire!

  • Bubblehead10MM

    Wow I just blew by Coldwater Mnt. That is so going down next time now that I know it’s there.:)
    Pensicola springs to mind as a spring break destination more then mtb destination. If you go that way check out the UWF/Games loop trails right in town.

  • pprmkr1

    Wow. It’s unbelievable you chose Santa Cruz or Redding/Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. I’ve been to Santa Cruz. Have you been here?

    • pprmkr1

      I mean over not or. Geesh.

  • Skoofer

    Wow, thanks for giving Austin the props it deserves! People have no idea how great the technical riding is around here, rivals or surpasses every area I’ve ever ridden. Only thing I’d change is the marquee ride – Walnut is the least Austiny trail in the area, if you get my meaning – Barton Creek Greenbelt is the epitome of ATX riding.

  • Paul Gweon

    Pprmkr1, I visited Santa Cruz last yr and had a blast riding Demo Brail trail, and UCSC trails. Well built and well maintained. Is Redding area even better? I have never been.

  • mongwolf

    Give me AZ, UT and GA (not FL, TX, CA – no rub intended, just personal preference). Coldwater looks cool too. AZ, UT & GA … … awesome trails, mountains, true remoteness, big climbs and descents, and fantastic scenery. Maybe it’s just because I not a beach bum, but I love the Southwest, and the lower Appalachians are awesome in the winter.

  • mongwolf

    Seeing that our nightly lows here in Ulaanbaatar are forecasted at -23F and -24F the next two nights, I recant on my exclusion above of FL, TX and CA. All 13 destinations are looking pretty sweet at the moment … even Texas. =)

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