The New Salsa Woodsmoke – 29+ vs 27.5+ Heads-Up Test


With a motto like “Adventure By Bike,” I figured it wouldn’t be long before Salsa Cycles launched a fun, plus-sized hardtail. After all, plus is where it’s at when it comes to off-the-beaten-path adventures. A slightly wider tire provides extra traction and float when navigating chunky stuff, without having quite the rolling resistance and weight of …

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Introducing Foundry’s New Race Bike: The Firetower


I spent a lot of time at Saddle Drive this year riding and talking about bikes with plus-sized tires (or at least plus-compatible). It definitely seems to be the theme of the moment in mountain bikes. Then there was the Foundry Firetower XT. Not plus compatible. Just a lightweight, race-inspired carbon hardtail 29er with cross-country geometry. …

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Mavic Unveils Their First Carbon MTB Wheelset: The XA Pro Carbon


Mavic has long been seen as a hold out in the world of mountain bike wheels, having previously only produced alloy rims. Today, Mavic just announced their first-ever carbon MTB rim: the XA Pro Carbon. Carbon has gained massive popularity as a rim material among the mountain biking elite (or those who can afford to purchase …

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Niner JET 9 Carbon Long Term Review


Now that I’ve had a few months to give the Niner JET 9 Carbon a proper flogging, it’s time to come back to you and report on my experience. For those that want a more in-depth look at the specs and geometry, be sure to check out my On Review article from December. A quick synopsis …

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Test Ride Review: Salsa Bucksaw Carbon


After riding the Turner King Khan at Outerbike last year, I instantly became a fan of dual suspension fat bikes. Interestingly, the number of fully-suspended fatties hasn’t really expanded since that time, but a slightly-updated version of the Salsa Bucksaw was announced last November: the Bucksaw Carbon. Essentially, the Bucksaw Carbon maintains the same geometry …

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