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SRAM recently announced a wireless mountain bike drivetrain and dropper post, which got us thinking: What does going wireless and electronic mean for mountain biking?

In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, Matt and I discuss the various wireless, electronic controls for drivetrains, suspension, dropper posts, and even brakes.

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  • Plusbike Nerd

    Maybe I’m a dinosaur but I don’t get wireless electric electronic drivetrains and droppers. They solve a problem I don’t have. With the advent of 1×12 Sram NX and GX Eagle drivetrains, any issues I’ve every had with drivetrains were mostly resolved. They work great, they have good range, they’re affordable and they made drivetrains less complex. Why would you want to make drivetrains and droppers more complex. One of the things I like best about bikes is that they are 100% mechanical. I’m always trying to make my bikes less complex not more complex. If I could be happy with a full-rigid single speed, I would. However, I ride a full-suspension bike with a 1×12 drivetrain because of the benefits they bring to Mountain biking. But I just don’t see the benefits of “e-anything” on a bike. E-drivetrains and e-dropppers are made for people who love gadgets. And the price—maybe for the 1 percent!

  • mrfallover

    Normally I like your podcast but I found this one based on little research. Commenting on equipment without actually at least seeing it or even doing some sort of due diligence amounts to just a couple of people talking nonsense and gibberish. The only real knowledge was the new Fox suspension system which was barley expanded on and the retail prices. Good luck in the future.

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